Mike Baur, a Swiss Businessman, and Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is a Swiss businessman and entrepreneur. He co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory where he also serves as the Executive Chairman. Mike Baur has worked in the Swiss banking industry for twenty years. He has served in UBS and Clariden Leu which are two popular Swiss banks. Later, he decided to end his banking career and began investing in businesses like startups. With the help of two like-minded people Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. At the University of St Gallen, a startup contest was held where Baur was invited as a jury member of START Summiteer. In January 2016, CTI and Swiss Startup Factory decided to join hands. Mike Baur was named CTI Invest’s Deputy Managing Director. In 2016, Swiss Startup Factory also partnered with Fintech Fusion and Goldbach Group. Besides an amazing businessman, Baur was also an excellent student. He attended University of Applied Sciences in Bern where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance. Later, he attended the University of Rochester to acquire an MBA degree. From Universität Bern, he acquired an EMBA degree in 2008.



The responsibilities of Mike Baur at Swiss Startup Factory includes fundraising rounds and financing. The company is working on its ambition which is to introduce new global companies that introduce new products, and business models. The Three-month program is the main business of Swiss Startup Factory. It involves providing mentoring, access to a large network of investors, services, office space, coaching, and initial financing. There are five categories of the services which Swiss Startup Factory is providing. They include Pre-Accelerator, Growth Accelerator, Wenger & Vielli Accelerator, Digital Business Strategy, and Impressum.



There are various services included in the Pre-Accelerator like product development, IT/accounting/marketing support, market research team, coaching, international startup ecosystems access, and personality taught pitch training. The services included in Growth Accelerator are fundraising, satellite location, branding, PR, administration, law & taxes, consulting, accounting support, IT support, and networking. On every second Monday, Wenger & Vieli Law Accelerator offers free legal service. Most new entrepreneurs usually have no knowledge about it. It consists of a twenty-minute-session where Wenger & Vieli lawyer answers all questions. In the current era, the digital business strategy is vital for survival. Almost seventy percent of Swiss companies now believe that growth is dependent on digitalization. Transformation in business processes, products, and services is due to increasing digital world. Successful digital business models are based on digital transformational processes which Swiss Startup Factory provides to entrepreneurs.


Ricardo Tosto Provides Reliable Representation in Business Matters

You will want to make sure that you are approaching lawyers who ultimately identify with your business vision.

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If you are serious about getting top notch legal service, you need to contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – a competent business lawyer in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto is a reliable professional, and he makes his clients to get a good understanding of their legal issues by putting them in laymen terminology. He has been rendering excellent legal services for years and comes highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a powerful business lawyer in Brazil.

Whether it is a dispute over contract terms or an allegation of a breach of contract, Ricardo Tosto can help protect your rights. He takes steps to protect his clients’ best interests, allowing them to concentrate on their business organization.

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Adam Milstein – CEO of Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein is the leader and joint founder of the Israeli-American Council. He is in charge of managing the Council’s national development. Moreover, Adam Milstein is also a Board member in various companies such as StandWithUs, AISH Los Angeles, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, and Birthright Israel.

Also, Adam Milstein together with his wife, Gila, are the co-founders of an organization called Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The company specializes in providing books written in Hebrew monthly at no charge. The Hebrew books educate more than fifteen thousand American Jews and Israeli living in the United States on Jewish values.

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel investing in real estates. Besides, he is also a community leader and is actively involved in promoting charitable organizations. In 1973, he served in Israel Defense Forces during the Ramadan War. Mr. Milstein graduated in 1978 from a public research university based in Haifa called Technion.

Adam Milstein arrived in the United States in 1981. Upon his arrival, he resided in Southern California. He obtained a master’s degree in business management from a private research university called the University of Southern California.

In 1983, Adam Milstein started his profession as a broker in Commercial Real Estate. He serves as a Managing Partner in a private profit-oriented real estate investment company called Hager Pacific Properties.

As a successful investor in real estates, Adam Milstein faces exciting rises and falls due to price fluctuation of investments and flips and lags of demand and supply. As a result, he has always been patient so as to benefit from investing in real estates.

The three most important habits that enabled Adam Milstein to remain on top as a productive entrepreneur include persistency, consistency, and follow-up on every activity taking place around.

According to Crunchbase, Adam Milstein enjoys working and is always a part of the solution in case a problem arises. Besides, Adam Milstein is a hard worker, and self-driven. These strategies enabled him to increase his business in a manner that is remarkable. Milstein is a family man. He considers family as the most significant.

Learn more about more Adam Milstein: http://www.adammilstein.org/

OSI Group, Setting The Pace In Food Production

OSI Group is setting the pace in food production. OSI is a premier global supplier of processed food. They have some of the leading foodservice and retail food brands as their clients. Their core business is meat processing. Since 1955, they have been known to have the best meat products, and that has led to companies such as McDonalds to trust their brand.

With over 65 facilities in over 17 countries, OSI Group has the widest reach in the food processing industry. The company is founded on seeking to have long-lasting relationship with their clients, continuously improving their products and explore new and innovative solutions for the food production industry.

OSI acquired Baho foods in August 2016 as an effort to grow their presence in the European market. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries with processing plants. This move was beneficial to both OSI and Baho Foods. With this merger, OSI was able to tap the broad European market while Baho was able to receive a worldwide audience.

In June 2016, OSI bought Tyson food plan for $7.4 million. The purchase was driven by the desire to increase the infrastructure needed to support the rate at which the business was growing. With the rapidly growing needs of the market, the company needed additional plants around the country to increase production. This also grew OSI’s client portfolio. Tyson Foods specialized in preparing meals for the hospitality industry. With OSI now heading productions, the company can meet the needs of the former owners and still sustain their own.

OSI provides their employees with conducive working environments. They ensure that their employees understand the core purpose of the company and are passionate about food production. They also ensure that their employees are in an environment that challenges and stimulates them to grow and perform better. They also pride themselves on being equal opportunity employers.

OSI group featured on Forbes as Americas 136th largest private owned company. At the time of their listing, the company had recorded an annual revenue of $3 million. In 2016, the company was listed again at 58th place among the largest private companies. The companies’ accreditations rose because of their growth of revenue to $6 billion on Forbes. The company’s management accredits their success to having good teamwork with both their clients and their employees. They also ensure that every action undertaken is Integral and advances the growth of the company.

How Does Covers.com Help With NCAA Football Betting?

College football odds are released every week during the season for a myriad of games, and the games provide quite a lot of betting opportunities for every gambler. Gamblers who are invested in the college football season will have many bets to place on a number of different games.

#1: How Are Bets Placed?

Bets are placed on a number of games every week, and it is important that someone who is ready to bet checks the game on the Covers.com schedule. The bets that are placed on the Covers.com site are held in the customer account, and they may review them any time they want. Each new bet will be let in the account dashboard, and someone who is watching their bets may check the site at the same time.

#2: The Bets Are Various

The bets on the site are spread out between all the games, and they allow players to bet everything from the spread to a parlay that is quite complex. Every new bet may be placed based on what the gambler has learned about the game.  Each team has its own foibles that must be taken into account, and the game must be vetted for injuries and coaching skill.

#3: The Covers.com Lines Are Set Early

The lines for games are set early, and there are many college football odds that are created for props and parlays. The props and parlays for each game may be more fun to bet because of the way the gambler works, and they may wish to choose a set of props or parlays that are all dependent on each other. The games will be quite a lot of fun to watch as the gamblers are looking for more bets to place, and they will learn more about their own gambling habits as they play.

The Covers.com site offers all the college football odds that are need for every gambler, and they take bets all day every day. They allow gamblers to win quite a lot of money on the site, and they release the odds to allow players to make more money on each new game during the season until the bowls end.