Lip Balm by EOS Spices of Bland Lip Balm Industry

EOS may have been a company ( that started small by founder Craig Dubitsky, but one can rest assured that this company will grow into a juggernaut in the bomb industry. There is a level of dominance that many larger companies have not had when it comes to lip balm. That is why there is such a huge battle when it comes to all of the more established lip balm companies such as ChapStick and Burt’s Bees. These are companies that have been in the lip balm game for a long time, but it is quite obvious that EOS is the company that is taking the lead.

So many people have been able to recognize this lip balm that comes in a spear shaped pod because it is showing up in so many different places. When people turn on their computers and check their social media profiles they can see celebrities utilizing EOS lip balm. It has become a product favorite for young millennials like Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus.

Thousands of people are taking an interest in photographs of lip balm that is displayed on Instagram and generating a lot of buzz between friends. This is the type of wild fire word of mouth type of promotion that gets a brand to the top. Consumers have been thrilled about this type of lip balm because it spices things up in an industry that is otherwise bland.

The bountiful flavors that are available on Walgreens have attracted a slew of consumers ranging from young kids in school to older adults that are doing event planning for parties. It has clearly become evident that this brand is more than a fad. It is the consumer lip balm that is here to stay. People love it and they are telling their friends about this product. For more info, visit the website.


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