Securus Technologies Wins the Stevie Awards for Exemplary Customer Service

February 24, 2017 was the highly anticipated day for the Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Services that went down in Dallas. Just like preceding years, the number of participants eyeing the coveted prize increased tremendously, and for a good reason.


This time round, the event recorded 2,300 nominations from organizations of varying sizes. This figure was nothing short of a 10% increase in the number of nominations that were received the previous year. That being the case, it was only fair that the number of professionals judging the entries be increased to 77 independent experts.


After the flurry of praises that the judges spewed at Securus concerning the positive treatment they uphold towards their customers, it was no surprise why they carried the day for that category.


The Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies was not short of praises to his team as well, stating that the award represents the training team’s empathy for circumstances faced by customers and their drive to resolve problems in the first interaction with a client.


Danny de Hoyos went on to say that, the positive attitude that the team maintains has helped them to remain focused on needs of the customers and to ensure that they are part of the healing process that a customer goes through. In turn, this great treatment towards customers has resulted into great reviews from satisfied customers.


The judges were not left out of offering their comments, and they were too praised Securus for their commitment in identifying and resolving customer problems in the tough environment that they operate.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies specializes in offering a safe living environment for families around the world. By relying on secure, simple and powerful technology to leverage its attempts to offer accessible and easy to use safety solutions, Securus has managed to bolsters its impact in offering emergency response services to public safety as well as law enforcement and correctional agencies.


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