Meriwether Group – An Overview

The Meriwether group funds start ups. Projects across the spectrum require money, and who better than a funding group that can work with different clients and different industries. The Meriwether group does it all, from evaluating business to strategic advising.

Our staff is comprised of people, including Sawyer Howitt who is in pursuit of a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University. He has interests including cheering on the Portland Trail Blazers, photography, and staying up to date with the latest music. The Meriwether group works with clients in a way that preserves integrity and the culture of the company.

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Meriwether Group is a registered investment adviser, so you can be sure that they are vetted and can give advice that is quality. They can help in areas such as product development and sourcing. They can also provide short term bridge term financing, that help provide capital quickly. In short, the Meriwether group has solutions regarding various types of financing and has different solutions in the areas of strategic advice and financing.

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