Kim Dao’s Pokemon Makeup

Kim Dao loves sharing her ideas to the world. With her YouTube channel focusing solely on her makeup tutorials, she is always looking for new ways to improve makeup skills. Kim Dao is definitely one very interesting makeup artist because of her different ways to teach girls how to do makeup. One of her very fun tutorials is her two-part series to the world of using Pokemon Makeup from Korea. This tutorial is fun to watch and definitely worth following because she talks about the beauty of this new makeup product. The colors that she has in her Pikachu makeuup kit is definitely perfect for a variety of skin types. Follow her instructions to get the most out of this makeup.


This product is definitely one of a kind and can give you what you need. She made the first video to showcase her first impression on the product. There are hand creams, nail polishes, and a wide variety of things she found from this simple line of products from Tony Moly. She was ecstatic and even decided to do a small little giveaway during this video.


Kim Dao is definitely a fun person to watch on YouTube. Her tutorials are always top notch and can be very helpful for learning about different things. She’s worth learning from because of how well she comes up with great ideas. She is very hardworking with her videos and she is definitely somebody worth following. You’ll never know what she’s gonna talk about in her videos.


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