The Man behind Brazil’s Two of the Largest Malls

In 1989, one of the most modern pieces of architecture was inaugurated in Paraiba. It was made by one of the most celebrated businessman in Brazil – Roberto Santiago. The mall still looks great and continues to attract local and foreign shoppers. Since it was constructed, it has undergone five expansions. It’s is a hub for fun, leisure, and entertainment.

Roberto Santiago never stopped constructing more commercial buildings after inaugurating the Manaira Shopping Mall. He launched Mangabeira Shopping in 2014. By the time the mall was launched, it had served over 350,000 customers.

Most gaming enthusiasts prefer Manaira because it has some of the best gaming machines. The Manaira Shopping mall is also a great place for food lovers. It has amazing food courts and restaurants. What’s more, its chefs are good at what they do.

About Roberto Santiago and his business ventures

Roberto Santiago, a Brazilian entrepreneur, owns the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. He was born in 1958. He also attended the Pio X-Marist College, where he earned his Business Administration degree. His malls provide several services to people in living in Pessoa. They also attract people from other parts of Brazil.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is still considered the largest mall in the state of Parabia. It strives to strengthen the relationship between retailer and consumers. The mall’s primary purpose is to offer comfort, leisure, and fun to its clients. Manaira Shopping boasts of a cinema made with the latest technology. It also features 3D rooms that help improve the experience of thrill seekers.

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The Domus Hall is the most outstanding feature of the Manaira Mall. It’s on the mall’s rooftop and has great air-conditioning. The mall has a mezzanine floor and ground floor that can host public events. It can also be used for large conferences, fairs, exhibitions and even concerts.

Santiago began his career in Santa Rosa. He once launched a company that dealt in decorative and utilitarian products. This was beginning of his successful entrepreneurship journey. Roberto Santiago is also passionate about sports; he has received tons of trophies in motocross championships. He has earned a nationwide reputation as a successful businessman.

Roberto aims to make Brazil a great place for shoppers. The Brazilian entrepreneur attributes his success to hard work, discipline, and passion.

At the age of 58, Roberto Santiago is among Brazil’s most respected businessman. He’s achieved what many people can only dream of. Additionally, he’s an inspiration to other Brazilian investors and business owners. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

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