George Street

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. It is the day when you and your partner’s life joins as one. When you get married, you will want to have a professional photographer that can preserve the feeling of your day for a lifetime. George Street Photo and Video Address Locations is located in two prime locations for weddings to take place. The first location is in the great city of Chicago, Illinois where the city skyline lit up at night is perfect backdrop for pictures along the water. And the second location is in the heart of Los Angeles, which is perfect for a summery beach wedding picture along the Pacific Ocean.

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  1. I read a review sometime ago about George Street Photo and Video by review and it was awesome some clips that were displayed there. These people will add some spices to your occassion making your event, a memoriable one. Among the clips they displayed I appreciated holding any event at the City of Chicago.

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