USHEALTH Group, Inc Products, Advisors, and Services

USHEALTH Group, Inc has headquarters in Fort Worth, TX and through its subsidiaries, Life Insurance National Foundation and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, it is committed to providing Specified Sickness/Disease, Innovative Life, Disability and Accident Insurance solutions for owners of small businesses and their employees, families and self-employed individuals. It has served over 15 million customers through its insurance companies with individually tailored plans for over 50 years collectively.

When it comes to the coverage of Accident and Specified Sickness/Disease, the USHEALTH Group, Inc group of companies recognizes that customers have different needs. It believes in choice and is confident that its customers value the variety of options it provides as they pick their most appropriate protection.

Up to now, it has successfully developed a wide portfolio coverage that promotes customer choice. Its innovative product designs make it uniquely qualified to perfectly address the need for each customer’s affordability, reliability, and flexibility in their insurance selections.

Customers concerned about having to meet high annual deductibles before they can receive benefits from their insurance plans or those on limited budgets find USHEALTH Group, Inc very reliable. It provides a portfolio of innovative products that offer first dollar benefits for substantial network discounts and covered services across a wide provider spectrum.

These plans are more affordable compared to more comprehensive plans but still offer assurances and first dollar protection that limited protection plans offer.

Crunchbase reveals that regardless of the type of health coverage chosen by a customer, USHEALTH Group, Inc helps enhance their protection using a wide range of ancillary products such as Accident, Specified Sickness/Disease, Critical Illness, Income Protector, Vision Plans, Dental Plans, Term Life Insurance, and Short Term Accident Disability Income.

The market of health insurance is characterized by low customer loyalty and high customer turnover, USHEALTH Group insurance companies distinguish themselves by building long-lasting relationships with their customers. Read more: USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

This makes USHEALTH Group a dependable partner that delivers on its dependability promise consistently.

USHEALTH Group Advisors

Together with its family of companies, USHEALTH Group provides its products through a subsidiary known as USHEALTH Advisors. The world of health insurance is very complex, but USHEALTH Group assures its customers exceptional buying experience secured by the guidance of trusted and licensed USHEALTH Advisor Agents.

These agents have to meet certain certification standards and product training before being allowed to represent USHEALTH Group’s products.

USHEALTH Group’s dedication to personal attention has made its Advisors recognized worldwide as customer care, innovation, and business growth leaders. Every day, more families, small business owners, and individuals turn to USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors to realize their insurance coverage needs.

Once a customer has chosen his/her plan, USHEALTH Group solidifies the decision using its award-winning customer service.

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