A/B Testing and Keeping Up-to-Date With Google and Other Major Search Engines

After a new site has been launched online to the consumer, the owner of the site and their representatives are often tasked with keeping the site up-to-date. Because the major search engine like Google makes changes to their algorithm on a continuous basis, some of these changes may need to be incorporated into the new site to ensure it meets certain standards and requirements. From making sure the site is local SEO optimized to make sure the site is mobile friendly for the consumer, many of these changes must be adhered to, especially if it is going to perform at its maximum potential. Specifically, as it relates to earning revenues.

That having been said, before these changes can be made to a site, it is important that they are tested thoroughly for impact. This is because some of these changes may not negatively affect the site’s performance at all, while other changes may cause substantial losses in finances to the owner. To that end, the type of testing used should be considered closely before modifications are made. Therefore, for those of you who may be interested in a type of testing that can help you to make informed decisions, here is some great information about A/B testing.

Compares 2 Versions of the Site

In some cases, the changes that Google makes can be very significant to the performance of the site. With this in mind, these changes must be tested thoroughly before placing them into a live environment for customers to use. Fortunately, with the use of A/B testing, 2 versions of the site can be run simultaneously to ensure the site is functioning as it should. For instance, the developers can test the old changes with the new changes to minimize any problems that may occur. Typically, In an ideal testing environment, the changes will not be detected at all. Furthermore, the new proposed changes will run smoothly while also accommodating the new guidelines and rules of Google.

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Provides Valuable Info Before Deploying New Changes

A/B testing is also invaluable for providing developers and designers with the information that they need. With this type of testing, the developers can test several different types of enhancements that need to further promote the site. In this type of testing environment, developers can find out what they need to know live without compromising the profitability and the revenue that comes in on a regular basis.

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