Sussex Healthcare Has A New CEO; Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is UK Health Company that is offering healthcare delivery services to the underprivileged groups in the country. The company has xebec taking care of people who suffer from medical conditions that hamper their ability to live on their own. They have care centers where people who cannot live on their can go and stay. In the care centers, there are qualified workers who will take care of them and ensure that they live a good life even if they are facing life-threatening conditions. Most of the clients that come to Sussex Healthcare facilities are the elderly. Dementia patients, people with learning disabilities as well as physical disabilities.

Sussex Healthcare is committed to giving the people in their facilities the best care. They have trained their staff on how to handle each patient’s condition. Since the problems that bring clients to their facilities are different, there is a need to treat each patient with the care and attention that they deserve.

Sussex Healthcare is up to the task as they have proved in the two decades they have been in this business. They have assisted hundreds of people from the groups we gave identified live a comfortable life. Sussex Healthcare believes that these people deserve health care just like other normal human beings. The fact that they have disabilities does not mean that they should not be taken care in a good way.


Sussex healthcare offers a range of services which covers all the major problems that affect people in the groups identified. They have installed their facilities with state of the art equipment which will enable the elderly to do body exercises to keep their muscles strong. There is weightlifting among other work out programs which ensures that the elderly maintain their body support for a long time. The gym facilities in the care centers have trained staff who are always ready to assist anyone willing to exercise. The staff in all their centers are nurses who understand how it is like to take care of people from these special groups.

To boost the performance of the company and ensure that there is high-quality service delivery in the company, Sussex Healthcare has appointed a new CEO in office. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has been appointed to assist the company grows its services even more than it’s currently doing. The company needs someone who has the experience to advance the goals of the company. Amanda joins the company after spending three decades in health and social industry.

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