Securus Technologies Building Highly Efficient and Effective Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most well-known correctional firms in the industry today and is known for providing high-end correctional products and services. The company started with offering affordable and effective inmate communication services, which helps the inmates to stay in contact with their friends and relatives. The company has its own operating system that makes inmate communication seamless and efficient. Apart from the inmate communication services, Securus Technologies also provides investigative services and solutions as well as payment processing services. The company recently acquired Jpay Inc and also GovPayNet, which has helped Securus Technologies consolidate its position in the field of payment processing.


Securus Technologies understands that the correctional field is highly competitive and that it is essential for the companies to continue to build new and unique technologies to stay ahead in the sector. Securus Technologies has recently developed the highly advanced wireless containment system that would not let the contraband phones operate inside the prison. Any and all contraband phones would be rendered useless with the help of wireless containment system. The contraband phones would not be able to connect to the network, and thus, the inmates would not be able to make or receive calls. Only the calls that are authorized by the correctional facility can go through the network in prison, so that no illegal activity can be carried out using the contraband phones.


Securus Technologies is also known for its excellent customer care services and is given highest ratings by the Better Business Bureau. The company also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service in the industry, which goes on to show how dedicated the company is towards its customers. Many customers have provided rave reviews to the company online. Securus Technologies feel that it is essential for the company to provide high-quality customer service to its customers because, without excellent and attentive customer service, it is not possible to win the trust of the customers. Securus Technologies invests millions every year for patent acquisition as well as for developing innovative technologies. Recently, the company announced the development of the drone detection technology. It is one of the only such technologies that would help the detection of unauthorized drone movements over the prison facilities.


Drone detection technology would stop the use of drones to transport contraband items into the prisons. Over the years, the drones have been used to supply many different contraband items inside the prison. In many cases, even weapons have been dropped using drones, and it is highly dangerous for other inmates as well as officers. The company has said that also though the drone detection technology is in its initial phases, it is highly efficient and would be further upgraded in the future.



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