A/B Testing and Keeping Up-to-Date With Google and Other Major Search Engines

After a new site has been launched online to the consumer, the owner of the site and their representatives are often tasked with keeping the site up-to-date. Because the major search engine like Google makes changes to their algorithm on a continuous basis, some of these changes may need to be incorporated into the new site to ensure it meets certain standards and requirements. From making sure the site is local SEO optimized to make sure the site is mobile friendly for the consumer, many of these changes must be adhered to, especially if it is going to perform at its maximum potential. Specifically, as it relates to earning revenues.

That having been said, before these changes can be made to a site, it is important that they are tested thoroughly for impact. This is because some of these changes may not negatively affect the site’s performance at all, while other changes may cause substantial losses in finances to the owner. To that end, the type of testing used should be considered closely before modifications are made. Therefore, for those of you who may be interested in a type of testing that can help you to make informed decisions, here is some great information about A/B testing.

Compares 2 Versions of the Site

In some cases, the changes that Google makes can be very significant to the performance of the site. With this in mind, these changes must be tested thoroughly before placing them into a live environment for customers to use. Fortunately, with the use of A/B testing, 2 versions of the site can be run simultaneously to ensure the site is functioning as it should. For instance, the developers can test the old changes with the new changes to minimize any problems that may occur. Typically, In an ideal testing environment, the changes will not be detected at all. Furthermore, the new proposed changes will run smoothly while also accommodating the new guidelines and rules of Google.

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Provides Valuable Info Before Deploying New Changes

A/B testing is also invaluable for providing developers and designers with the information that they need. With this type of testing, the developers can test several different types of enhancements that need to further promote the site. In this type of testing environment, developers can find out what they need to know live without compromising the profitability and the revenue that comes in on a regular basis.

Newswatch TV Reviews benefit Avanca Products

Avanca, worked with Indiegogo to establish a crowdfunding campaign to help them launch a new product in their line. As a company they had to get the word out ignorer to raise some money. They started out with a goal to raise $10,000 in the first 30 days of their campaign. In order to meet their goal they had to heavily hit the market in order to receive the money they raised through the crowdfunding campaign. This is where they turned to Newswatch TV Reviews for assistance.


NewWatch TV partnered with the Avanca Indiegogo campaign to help them accomplish their goal. In just 30 days they raised over 29 times more money than their goal when they first set out. NewsWatch TV helped them by campaigning along side their crowdfunding page to help get the word out in over 200 markets in the United States. This campaign reached over 96 million households. These promotions were aired on the national Newswatch TV channel and through their online channels. Alone through their online campaign, Newswatch TV campaigns received over one million impressions.


Avanca Indiegogo contributes much of their success to partnering with NewsWatch TV. The videos Newwatch TV Reviews produces are top quality. These one minute short promotional segments are contributed to much of the Avanca Indiegogo success. The visual aid of the videos along side of the crowdfunding campaign proved to be a huge benefit to the company. When paired with the crowdfunding campaign results began to happen. The great success the company has had has led to continued promotions with other Advance products.


The Academy of Art University Is Setting New Standards For The Fashion Industry

During the New York Fashion Week this year, the Academy of Art University showed off an exceptional unique showcase. A number of students were selected to create designs of what they believed would be the fashion of tomorrow. This gave the students an opportunity to show off their creativity and make unique designs out of whatever fabrics and styles they want. The results of the show were tremendous, taken with positivity from all around. Many fashion leaders and executives were impressed with the designs that were showed off as well.


The students that were selected were able to light up the runway this year during New York Fashion Week with their own handcrafted designs. With the idea of future trends, many unique materials and shapes were used by the students, all of which had purpose and meaning behind them. Many of the students used inspirations from their daily lives to produce their outfits, which brought out a lot of emotions during their creation which could be seen during the event.


Students are always to get hands-on experience with the Academy of Art University. This institute has a reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to preparing students before they work there way into the industry. Today, the Academy of Art University offers undergraduate and graduate programs focused on fashion and design to their students. Despite their advertising origins, the Academy of Art University plays host to thousands of students every year as well as many high profile teachers.


The Academy of Art Universty prides itself on helping students explore the limits of what they are capable of. Through hands-on experiences, students are able to experience growth and improvement in their abilities before even entering the world of fashion. This better feel for the industry allows them to be more creative without the industry pressure’s weighing on them. The Academy of Art University has an extensive curriculum for its students to instill industry practices and provide them with an idea of what its like to live in the fast-paced industry of fashion


Rodrigo Terpins, a One of a Kind Brazilian Race Car Driver and Businessman

Rodrigo Terpins is arguably one of the most successful, skilled and talented race car drivers in Brazil. He comes from a pretty famous family that includes high achieving rally driver Michel Terpins his brother and his father, Jack Terpins who was a successful basketball player in his own right and is the president of both the Latin American Jewish Council and the Maccabi Latin American Confederation.

Coming from a sporting family, it is easy to see where Rodrigo got the competitive bug from and that started at a very early age when he developed a passion for fixing cars. According to Rodrigo Terpins’ Facebook page, he credits his success to the help he got from his friend who is also a skilled racer. His brother Michael, a highly decorated race car driver has also played a pivotal role in mentoring Rodrigo and they compete on the same team.

What has pushed him to pursue his rally driving passion and becoming a household name in the off-road rally championships all over Brazil? That can only be attributed to the excellence in his family and the patience, discipline, and experience that he says his beloved sport requires.

Rodrigo Terpins has won various competitions, including the T1 Prototypes and has successfully completed five Sertões rallies in the curriculum at the age of 44. This will certainly earn him a place as a legend of the sport. Outside of the racing cycle, he has achieved great success in business and is currently the Senior Director for the T5 Partipacoes. He has been able to grow the business and at the same time plan some of the biggest competitions in Brazil. Prior to taking on this job, Rodrigo served as the president of Lojas Marisa. Certainly, his passion for his job has taken him a long way and he is a great role model for young boys growing up in Brazil to emulate and learn from.

Rodrigo Terpins, is currently a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team where he races with his brother and partner, Michael Terpins. Rodrigo Terpins has several social media platforms. They include Crunchbase, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn. This permits Rodrigo to engage with his fan base and maintain an overall appeal.

Planning A Holiday Party Does Not Need To Be Stressful

There is no need to dread the holiday party season. Planning a holiday party does not need to be stressful and can easily be budget friendly. The key to any successful party is organization. Here are some tips for planning a great party this holiday season.

Pick the venue

If having the party in our own home is not an option, seek out a meeting space, a restaurant, or even a hotel. There are plenty of places that will even host small family gatherings. When using a venue there is no worrying about house cleaning and having people in your home. However, a home can be a lovely backdrop to a small intimate gathering.

Invitations set the stage

Invitations set the stage as to what to expect at the party. If the party is informal, send the invitations through email. A more formal affair requires an actual invitation. Make sure to include all the important information.

Keep decorations simple

Candles and a little greenery go a long way at the holidays. A few wreaths and ribbon and the decorations are complete.


The food does not need to be expensive or complex. Finger foods are always a hit. For a family event consider asking everyone to bring their favorite dish along with copies of the recipe to share.

Music sets the mood

Do not forget the music. Classical holiday tunes for a sit-down dinner or some upbeat stuff that will make people get up and dance.

Need to impress

If you are throwing a party that needs to impress some important people, consider contacting Twenty Three Layers. They are one of the best event planning companies in NYC. Not only do they have the best contacts in town, they will work with you and your budget to create the best party. They are also known as the top corporate event planners in NYC. They take care of the set-up,


Tony Petrello Is An Oil Executive That Cares About Social Issues

Hurricane hit Harvey in a menacing and hard way. As such, it is always good that there are companies and people who can lend a hand without necessarily being in it for the money. When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in 2017, streets flooded, and properties were destroyed. Food supplies were also scarce immediately afterward, and during recovery efforts.

Nabors Industries Ltd. stepped up to the plate to assist when disaster struck.
The company sprang into action. Many company employees took off time from work to help. Those employees helped wherever first responders asked them to be. Nabors even offered them paid time off to assist in relief efforts.

That says a lot about the CEO of Nabors, Tony Petrello, and his company. The employees also made contributions whereby Tony Petrello matched theirs. They were able to raise over $173,000 before the CEO’s matching donation. The Nabors Disaster Relief Fund helped the relief efforts out tremendously.

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At least 10 percent of the company’s own employees were affected by the hurricane. That would total around 120 employees. The great thing about the Nabors Industries is that they have been quick to help other national organizations in the past. The Nabors foundation has also given at least $3 million in charitable contributions to educational scholarships.

While most people envision top executives, often CEOs to be a vain and greedy bunch, Tony Petrello does not fit the description. In truth, many oil executives, like Petrello, support philanthropy. This is especially true for Houston’s executives. Since 1952, Nabors industry has set the pace for the drilling industry. They set the bar for Alaska drilling, and were the first to implement such innovations as camps, methods for implementing crew changes, and the development of moving systems and modular rigs.

Today, the company continues to place focus on providing drilling services on the global stage. Tony Petrello is a man on the move. Anyone following Houston news has probably heard of Petrello’s name. He takes both his work and social responsibilities quite seriously. An original native of New Jersey, Petrello and his family call Houston home.

Visit thedailybeast.com for more details about Anthony Petrello.

Jeremy Goldstein explains knockout options

Top New York corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is encouraging companies to continue to give stock options to their employees as part of their benefits packages. However, companies are cutting stock options as a way to save money among other reasons. There are three issues of concern that have caused employers to stop giving out stock.




  1. The value of the stock can fall at any time and to the point where employees are not able to execute their options. Because of that corporate accountants still have to report all related expenses, which opens up stockholders to the risk of option overhang. Learn more: https://www.americanconference.com/executive-compensation-836l17-nyc/speakers/jeremy-goldstein/


  1. Employees prefer to receive a pay raise. Employees have also realized that the value of their options can fall because of an unpredictable economy. Employees see stock options as casino tokens instead of physical cash.


  1. Stock options can cause massive accounting burdens. The related costs can negate the financial benefits of the derivatives. Employees don’t see options as valuable as pay raises. Companies can afford pay raises if they cut stock options. Stock options are quite complicated for corporate accountants. The best solution for companies who want to offer options is to provide knockout options. Shareholders dont face the threat of overhang. Employees will lose them if the value falls under a predetermined value.


Despite the critics, there are some strong benefits to offering options. Options are a type of compensation that is easy for employees to understand. They also offer something of equal value among all employees. Stock options only increase employee earnings when the company’s stock value rises. This encourages employees to make sure the company is suceeding. The staff will work harder to attract new clients, develop revolutionary services and please current clients.


Jeremy Goldstein is a top New York corporate lawyer specializing in corporate governance and executive compensation. He has overseen many corporate transactions involving many top-tier companies such as AT&T and Merck. Jeremy Goldstein is founder of a boutique law firm based in New York.

Jim Larkin’s Historic Legacy Provided Worker Rights and Trade Endorsement

James Larkin (Jim) was a native-born Irishman from Liverpool, England. He established the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) which ultimately became the country’s largest known union at the time.

The Union made Irish history as the most-significant dispute within the transport and general workers industry which lasted for four years. When ITGWU was restructured due to the 20,000 workers creating the dispute, Jim relocated to the United States.

Jim is a legend and historical figure for his leading role in facilitating the disputes of workers. In 1907, because of his distinct organization of local disputes within Liverpool, he was chosen to lead the charge of the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) in Belfast.

The British Union was the catalyst that Jim used to establish the sympathetic strike which is now known as solidarity action or secondary boycott. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.historyireland.com/20th-century-contemporary-history/big-jim-larkin-hero-and-wrecker/

The action involves an industrial industry that supports the union workers with the intent on distinguishing the dispute by workers through direct contact initiated by the employer. The action is widely used in today’s society in supply industries; however, only British and American workers are permitted to use the method against a direct employer.

Because of the moderate success in Belfast, Jim’s reputation was more known, and he became a public figure which caused contrast among businesses and companies. However, unskilled workers supported his efforts which allowed Jim to conduct a full-scale industrial dispute on behalf of workers.

Jim took the opportunity to establish ITGWU which later brought a social revolution and regular formation of trade unions. General strikes began to form all across the country.

His efforts enabled ITGWU to become the first union of an Irish trade industry to organize a strike for both skilled and unskilled workers. After the word spread throughout the community of Belfast of its success, other Irish communities set up the same formation to initiate unions.

Due to Jim’s eventual legacy for creating the worker’s right to dispute and unionize, the Irish Congress of Trades Union agreed to endorse his efforts and formed a Labor Party which established Jim as a labor champion of his time.

Securus Technologies’ Participation in Controlling Contraband Products In Prisons

Robert Johnson, a former correctional facility worker, has always told his inspiring story about his efforts to ensure that inmates do not access cell phone. He believes that it is hazardous for the prisoners to be allowed to be in possession of cell phones. Johnson was once an employee of the South Carolina-based Lee Correctional Institution. By 2010, he had served the facility for about 15 years, and his primary responsibility was to confiscate contraband items. He did his work perfectly, and this led to his shooting while he was at home. Approximately two weeks before the occurrence of the incident, Robert had confiscated a smuggled package that was worth about $50,000.


On March 5, 2010, the correctional facility employee woke up and 5:30 a.m to prepare for work. During that time, an intruder entered his home and shot him six times in the chest and stomach. The shooting was severe to the extent that the doctors believed that he would not make it. He even died twice during an operation. The hit was made by an ex-convict, Sean Echols, who had been contacted by inmates by using a contraband phone. Echols had been paid $6000. Many other crimes have been ordered by prisoners who are in jail by using smuggled phones. For example, a nine-month-old baby was shot in Georgia while in the arms of his mother. It is believed that the child was murdered because his uncle did something that the inmates did not like.


Johnson currently serves Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. The company has specialized in the provision of paid calls for the inmates. It has also been working to ensure that prisoners do not have contraband phones. Correctional facilities would wish to jam cell phone signals to prevent inmates from making unauthorized phone calls, but this is against the federal laws. Securus Technologies has developed a product that is known as the Wireless Containment Solution to address this problem. This is an exclusive technology that detects cell phones and blocks the inmates from making calls from their contraband phones.


The Wireless Containment Solution uses a powerful antenna that sends a signal to the contraband cell phones to capture phone calls that enter or come from a correctional facility. An individual using the phone may think that he or she is connected to the common network and this enabled the product to work without being noticed. The solution is very selective, and it only allows authorized phone numbers to connect. All numbers that are not recognized are not allowed to go through. The system, however, allows 911 calls to be completed. According to Securus Technologies’ administration, the Wireless Containment Solution has barred more than 1.7 million calls from the time it was launched.


Goettl Air Conditioning Says What Must Be Done To Keep Your Home Cool

A cool home during the hot times of year doesn’t have to be expensive if you’ve taken the necessary steps to maintain your air conditioner and follow advice for saving on energy. Goettl Air Conditioning offers such advice, and they’re trusted because they’ve repaired and installed residential and commercial air conditioners for nearly 80 years. Goettl (goettlshdm.com) recommends buying and installing new air conditioning systems if you have a very old system, because older models are far less effective and will usually tax your power bill high. But you can do more around your home to assist your air conditioner as well.

In order to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t have to cool your home down more than necessary, you should have heat insulation installed throughout your home and even special film covers on your windows to absorb and prevent less heat from coming through, reveals glassdoor.com. Goettl also says you should have your ducts cleaned out once in a while, and you should also have your outdoor condenser placed where it won’t be exposed to too much sun, but also where debris won’t gather. And if you don’t subscribe to a maintenance plan for your unit, you should consider doing so.

Goettl’s story began back in the 1930s when Adam and Gust Goettl came to Phoenix, AZ from the Midwest, and the company became established as one of the premier residential HVAC service providers of the area. It was not long ago that Ken Goodrich came to be the owner that the company got real serious about going above and beyond the regular HVAC service and educating customers on how they could do more to maintain their systems. One of Goettl’s subsidiaries known as Goettl High Desert Mechanical is still run by Adam Goettl’s grandchildren. Goettl has made news several times for its generosity providing free repairs to people who didn’t have the money to do so. Visit the Goettl Facebook page.