Norman Pattiz’s Podcast One Revolutionizes Advertising

PodcastOne Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz has released the study of five major brands and their advertising tests in five different, yet major categories and sectors of service. The pre-and-post campaign was done and run based on sales made in 2016. The results showed significant impacts in a positive manner on sales using podcasts as a source of advertisement.

About 60% of listeners were found to have mentioned a specific brand’s campaign after listening to a podcast, up from 7% in a previous study. Unaided product awareness increased pre-and-post study by 47%.

Awareness of specific campaigns for automobiles increased in the aftermarket podcast presence by 60% and casual dining restaurants awareness went up by 76%. The point of the study verified that podcasts are an effective way to increase sales and consumer awareness of products, proving it makes a viable marketing tool for large brands to use.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz is the founder of the PodcastOne Company who is based in Los Angeles, California. PodcastOne Company provides advertising solutions for companies for a way to reach more listeners with their products.

They advertise for everything from car companies to major US consumer brand names and back again. They help the companies reach listeners who are likely to buy their products, and likely to turn into a higher profit level for the company.

They are dubbed the “podcast pros”. Podcasts have proven a new, effective way of getting people to remember brand names and then thus consequently purchase those products in the future when they are considering new purchases.

Norman Pattiz also prides himself in being involved in part of every aspect of the company. It’s a small company so there is really not any part of the business that he is not actively involved in.

It’s all about ad sales which involve a lot of technology, and he has an assistant that keeps him informed of key developments while he is immersed in working on one thing or another within the company. He also has a key plan to help implement every single idea that comes to life so it can become part of the company.

If you can’t help to integrate it into the company plan the greatest ideas will never work. That’s how he helps his customers succeed through advertising with PodcastOne Company, by implementing great ideas to reach new audiences he helps their brands be more successful.

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Nathaniel Ru and his Team are Changing Lives

Ten years ago, Sweetgreen, a food salad eatery opened its doors to consumers in the United States. Since then, the fast food company has continued to catch the attention of consumers in the country. There are always long lines of clients waiting to be served in all the company outlets. Sweetgreen was established in the year 2007 by three students who were in their final year at the prestigious Georgetown University. After their graduation, the co-founders of the food chain decided to spend all their time in the business, and they have more than sixty locations in the United States.


The three students, Jonathan Neman, Nicholas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru, were friends for a long time. They met when they were in school, and they learned how they could organize and also take care of their future businesses. The three founders had realized that in Washington D.C, there were no good places where individuals could access healthy and delicious food. This great realization forced them to start the first restaurant. Learn more:


The first store was opened in the Washington D.C area. After a short period, the company expanded its services to several places. Some of the restaurants are found in Maryland, Chicago, New York City, Massachusetts and Virginia. The company has changed the lives of so many people too. At the moment, Sweetgreen gives employment opportunities to more than seven thousand seven hundred individuals in the country. These people work in the company restaurants, and they ensure that the needs of the customer are met. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru works as one of the co-CEOs of the reputable food chain. In an interview with the Fortune Magazine, Nathaniel Ru said that the restaurant wanted to focus on establishing a lifestyle brand that is healthy and safe for the modern consumer who is always busy. According to Nathaniel, customers are given healthy foods such as carrot chilli, baby spinach, roasted sesame tofu, vinaigrette and hot sauce. The restaurant has something for everyone.


The company has an excellent way of ensuring that the food they serve the customers is good. The company founders meet with the farmers in different regions to ask how the crops used are cultivated from the beginning. This simple strategy ensures that the customer is not given foods that are contaminated and unhealthy. All the ingredients purchased are inspected by professionals. The crops are obtained from the local suppliers and farmers. Learn more:



Jeremy Goldstein part of the new legal support service to New Yorkers

The New York State Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral and Information Service has introduced a new system allowing New Yorkers to find a lawyer. Whatever the issue is whether it be child custody issue, write your will, help with a landlord-tenant problem or other legal issues, they can help you find a lawyer within your community.


The new service launched by the New York State Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral and Information Service offers the service 24 hours a day and made it completely confidential. New Yorkers still have access to the LRIS telephone service. The New York State Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched the service to make it less stressful way to receive legal assistance.


The New York State Bar Association has properly vetted all attorneys who are part of his service and guarantee they are in good legal standing. The new system was created with assistance from, which provides technology for the legal field. This new launched service allows lawyers to offer their services at a much lower price and to a larger number of people. This service benefits both residents and businesses who depend on New York laws.


One lawyer who is providing services through this new statewide service is Jeremy Goldstein. Goldstein is currently one of the top respected lawyers in New York and is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He speaks and writes on executive compensation and corporate governance. He has overseen a number of corporate transactions over the last decade.


Jeremy Goldstein received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and later received his J.D. from New York University. Goldstein is currently the chair of the Mergers & Association Business Section. Jeremy Goldstein continues to provide legal assistance to those who need legal support.


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US MONEY Reserve releases an eBook

The world economy is under threat from various factors such as political and global unrest. For instance, French elections, Brexit and the US elections have all had an impact on the global markets. US Money Reserve being the trusted partner when it comes to selling government issued coins has realized this. It has taken the issue by training its customers on how they can maneuver around the harsh economic times.

The company recently released an eBook called the 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. The book addresses all the issues mentioned above. During the release of the eBook, the company said that it was also releasing new coins called Gold American Eagle Coins. However, the offer is limited. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

According to representatives of the company, the book is written to educate Americans who are worried about the future of their hedge funds. The book advises them how they can protect their assets by investing in gold. They even referred gold as a safe haven when it comes to investments.

The book also warns that global wars and threats are likely to intensify in the coming years. With the new offer, the company said that they expect the products to be out of stock sooner.

The chief executive officer and president of the company explained that the prices of gold do not fluctuate like common stocks. He referred to gold as being less vulnerable and at the same time being tangible. This means that the commodity is protected against volatility of any kind.

The eBook is available on their website. Philip N. Diehl is the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, and he has been involved with the company for a long period. Other than gold products, US Money Reserve offers its customers other products such as platinum and silver products.

They have been in operation since the year 2001, and they are also recognized internationally. This means that the company has managed to serve hundreds of thousands of clients since its establishment.

To ensure that they are the best in the market, the company emphasizes the need of acquiring the best talent in the market. This means that the company has managed to poach the most qualified professionals in the field. Up to date, they have maintained their offices in Austin, Texas.

They have maintained an online presence to cater their customers. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How Eric Pulier Helped Build A Bridge To The 21st Century

Eric Pulier, a Harvard grad who is currently the CTO at Santa Monica Media Corp, knew in high school that computers were his passion. This software mogul, who now calls Southern California home base, founded a database fan group as a high school student growing up in the East Coast region of New Jersey State. At Harvard Pulier communicated thoughts with printed word and voiced student experiences as a writer for the Harvard Crimson Weekly.


Named top “e-visionary” by VAR Business,Eric Pulier has a history of accomplishment, also co-founded and served as CEO of Service Mesh. Among other career achievements, Pulier served as director of Media Platform, chairman of US Interactive and Vice President of Cloud at Computer Science Corporation.


The position of public speaker is a role that Pulier relishes and actively participates in, especially at tech conferences. Pulier also contributes time and funds to important societal causes like The Painted Turtle, a recreational group formed to enrich lives of kids with chronic diseases. Another foundation close to heart is Starbright World, an organization centered around a social media product focused on creating relationships among disease-stricken children. Pulier’s philanthropy work also includes hundreds of millions of dollars invested in innovative ventures in digital sectors. Investments in technology, as well as the future of technology, is important to Pulier, who recently coordinated an operation to establish and broadcast a live feed from astronauts aboard the space shuttle.


Notable achievements also include government recognition. A group called the Presidential Technology Committee, headed by then Vice-President Al Gore, chose Pulier to create an exhibition. That Washington D.C. exhibition is called The Bridge to the 21st Century. Pulier has also written a novel called Understanding Enterprise SOA.



Dr. Avi Weisfogel, The Mastermind Behind the Dental Sleep Masters Program

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based in Union, New Jersey. He has spent much of his beginning days as a dentist treating patients for sleep related conditions. While he’s worked from shaky beginnings, Dr. Avi Weisfogel eventually found great success through sticking with what he believed in for the field of study to improve sleeping disorders in his patients. Avi has held a strong interest in marketing and the business end of things in his career as a dentist, which has led him to joining a wide variety of communities that the dental health care industry has to offer.


He has found his greatest professional success since leaving his general practice in order to open a business dedicated entirely to helping patients struggling with sleep issues, such as sleep apnea, back in 2010. After two years in his startup business and millions of dollars invested in his vision, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has achieved a company that accepts anywhere from 250 to 300 new patience interested in oral appliance to help their sleep patterns each and every month.


For the past year and a half, Dr. Weisfogel has been teaching his methods on his own but has recently joined up with his colleague Barry to create Dental Sleep Masters, which is a program put into place to help identify and alleviate the issues relating to sleep through the application of proper dental attention. Patients who experience disturbed breathing while sleeping have been found to have a higher propensity for worrisome conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, chronic heart failure, stroke, afib, and even common mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.


While 90% of those with the condition are left undiagnosed, the Dental Sleep Masters Program is in place to help those afflicted by providing a solution to those who experience disturbed breathing in their sleep. The program’s business model is backed by clinical trials and more and more dentists are joining the movement as time goes on. By joining this program as a dental professional, you will have access to a specialized business model and will be coached with the proper methods every step of the way.


George Street

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. It is the day when you and your partner’s life joins as one. When you get married, you will want to have a professional photographer that can preserve the feeling of your day for a lifetime. George Street Photo and Video Address Locations is located in two prime locations for weddings to take place. The first location is in the great city of Chicago, Illinois where the city skyline lit up at night is perfect backdrop for pictures along the water. And the second location is in the heart of Los Angeles, which is perfect for a summery beach wedding picture along the Pacific Ocean.

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3 Reasons Why Making Dr. Akhil Reddy Your Dentist is a Win-Win Situation

When you are looking for a no lose situation as it pertains to your healthcare, one decision to make is to hire a professional dentist whose services you love and depend on.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the best dentists in the Lone Star State and continuously proves this one patient at a time. If you need the help and service that Dr. Reddy can offer you, he would be glad to hear from you. But first, let’s look into some reasons why doing business with Dr. Reddy is an absolute slamdunk.

Dr. Reddy is educated and hard-working

Crunchbase revealed that not many people can say that they received a doctorate degree in their early 20s. Dr. Reddy can absolutely see this, because he got his doctorate in dental surgery at age 23. This is an age when many people finish their undergraduate degree!

Not only does this speak to Dr. Reddy’s natural intelligence, and more importantly is an example of work ethic and getting the job done fast and correctly. Because of this, you will know that he will bring these same principles to any appointment that you book with him. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

Dr. Reddy works with passion and diligence

Rather than treating dentistry as a simple vocation, Dr. Reddy treats it as his calling. This is a calling that he knew he had from a very young age. As a result, he never takes his patients for granted and continuously does everything he can to add value to their lives every day.

He is also very active in the community, which also exemplifies the passion and people first attitude that Dr. Reddy lives by.

Dr. Reddy helps people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds

Finally, you will love Dr. Reddy because he always puts the patient’s needs over simple matters of dollars and cents. While starting a successful business is very much an effort to make more money, he knows that some people simply cannot afford the dental care of today.

Because of this, Dr. Reddy does everything that can to help people out regardless of their socioeconomic background.

When you think about these three great reasons, it is a given that touching base with Dr. Reddy is a must-have when it comes to the care of your teeth and gums. So use these tips to empower you to pick up the phone, schedule an appointment and hiring Dr. Reddy today.

How Securus Technologies is Becoming a Well-Reputed Communicative Platform

Securus Technologies has been providing its users with an incredible platform of communications that aren’t necessarily available for utilization elsewhere. Due to this beautifully designed program being utilized in many of today’s correctional facilities, many crimes are being stopped and investigated, as law enforcement officials are given access to the conversations that occur between inmates and the visitors they choose to communicate with.


The developers of Securus Technologies understood that visitors of inmates often face dilemmas when setting up appointments for visitation schedules. Visitation may not be as convenient as they may have initially thought, as the times/dates that are provided to them for visiting a facility may be very inconvenient for them. Not only that, the drive that is required of them may be very lengthy and time consuming. Not only might time be wasted on what could have essentially been a quick phone call to the inmate, but so might gas expenses. Although a phone call is always a quick and easy option of keeping in touch with anyone, when it comes to jail visitation sessions, no form of communication is necessarily comparable to the type of connection/bond a face to face conversation provides. Securus Technologies offers inmates and their visitors to engage in such face to face forms of communications without requiring the visitor to physically visit the facility.


Securus Technologies is putting a stop to crime in many ways. Firstly, it’s a program that’s giving law enforcement officials the right to monitor conversations and hand over to courts should it be necessary. Secondly, it’s preventing inmates from not only speaking about illegal matters over the communicative platform, but it’s also preventing them from engaging in such activities altogether, as they’re aware that other inmates may speak about the incidents of others, thus, there always being a chance of an investigation opening on them.


Omar Yunes the Best Franchisee in the World

The business tycoon Omar Yunes is the best competitor in the world. His decisions in business always make a big difference and create a big gap with rivals that give him an advantage. He regularly encourages and rewards employees who work together, who have leadership qualities, innovative and the ones who are implementers.

He won the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) that was in Florence, Italy. At the age of 21, he had become the franchise of the Japanese cuisine. At the moment, he owns 13 franchise units that are in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla in Mexico. He has always been proud to represent his employees who are efficient in the work that they do.

In the 2015 competition of BFW had some Western and South American countries like Portugal, Hungary, France, Italy, Mexico, Argentina and 28 others. The crucial points that were taken into account in the evaluation of the contestants were how the companies influenced the network, how the contesting companies have added knowledge, the motivation of employees, implementation of strategies, improvement trends and much more.

Officials in the competition also noted that apart from Omar winning the national qualifier, he also won the highest award in history. He was the change factor that the judges have been looking for a long time. Good management, the correct relay of information and implementing boards help rank and measure units correctly.

The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo said that the awards were given out to winners by giving customers the right and excellent customer service. Also, the products still maintain the flavor that is required. On top of it, is the unique hospitality of the outlet that will attract customers and outshine the competitors.

BFW award is prestigious on its own and has attracted many stakeholders in the world. For Omar Yunes, it helps his business advance and become recognized in Mexico and internationally making other Mexican franchises to be seen and appreciated too all over the world. Other officials continue to praise him as a significant contributor to the sector because of his precise parameters in pawnshops all over his network.