The Services Provided By Goettl

Goettl is an air conditioning company that was recently passed down and purchased by Ken Goodrich who has not only re-branded this company, but has also turned the company around so much with countless improvements that it is now one of the best companies to use when looking for the best services. What now sets Goettl apart from other businesses is the fact that the customer service is one of the best and that the installments of the products include a checkup to see if the installment was correct. With the complete turnaround of the company, all installers are also required to take pictures of the installment to have proof of the quality of the installment.

Goettl is not just a company, but it is also a business that has created a spot for itself within the community. This has been demonstrated in recent news when Goettl came to the rescue of Jean Jackson, a 94 year old woman who currently lives in Las Vegas with two broken AC units. Jean Jackson is an older woman who has been subjected to the heat which has been stated to be dangerous and medically advised against by the Centers for Disease Control. While on a tight budget, Jean Jackson’s AC units were over 33 years old before they eventually stopped working and left Jean Jackson to stew in the heat.

Thanks to Goettl and a sister plumbing company, Jean Jackson has been given air conditioning as well as plumbing that has been given to her on the house as a way to give back to the community. Though Jean Jackson collects social security, what she collects leaves no room in the budget for a repair or a replacement of the AC unit. As a result of this tragedy, Goettl stepped in a offered the services free of charge to help an individual who is beloved within her community.

The services that were provided included the fixing of the water pipeline in addition to the installation of a new system that now provides cool and refreshing air into the home of Ms. Jackson. Jean Jackson is grateful to the services that were provided and suggests this business to anyone that she knows that needs these services provided.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief