Newswatch TV Reviews benefit Avanca Products

Avanca, worked with Indiegogo to establish a crowdfunding campaign to help them launch a new product in their line. As a company they had to get the word out ignorer to raise some money. They started out with a goal to raise $10,000 in the first 30 days of their campaign. In order to meet their goal they had to heavily hit the market in order to receive the money they raised through the crowdfunding campaign. This is where they turned to Newswatch TV Reviews for assistance.


NewWatch TV partnered with the Avanca Indiegogo campaign to help them accomplish their goal. In just 30 days they raised over 29 times more money than their goal when they first set out. NewsWatch TV helped them by campaigning along side their crowdfunding page to help get the word out in over 200 markets in the United States. This campaign reached over 96 million households. These promotions were aired on the national Newswatch TV channel and through their online channels. Alone through their online campaign, Newswatch TV campaigns received over one million impressions.


Avanca Indiegogo contributes much of their success to partnering with NewsWatch TV. The videos Newwatch TV Reviews produces are top quality. These one minute short promotional segments are contributed to much of the Avanca Indiegogo success. The visual aid of the videos along side of the crowdfunding campaign proved to be a huge benefit to the company. When paired with the crowdfunding campaign results began to happen. The great success the company has had has led to continued promotions with other Advance products.


The Academy of Art University Is Setting New Standards For The Fashion Industry

During the New York Fashion Week this year, the Academy of Art University showed off an exceptional unique showcase. A number of students were selected to create designs of what they believed would be the fashion of tomorrow. This gave the students an opportunity to show off their creativity and make unique designs out of whatever fabrics and styles they want. The results of the show were tremendous, taken with positivity from all around. Many fashion leaders and executives were impressed with the designs that were showed off as well.


The students that were selected were able to light up the runway this year during New York Fashion Week with their own handcrafted designs. With the idea of future trends, many unique materials and shapes were used by the students, all of which had purpose and meaning behind them. Many of the students used inspirations from their daily lives to produce their outfits, which brought out a lot of emotions during their creation which could be seen during the event.

Students are always to get hands-on experience with the Academy of Art University. This institute has a reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to preparing students before they work there way into the industry. Today, the Academy of Art University offers undergraduate and graduate programs focused on fashion and design to their students. Despite their advertising origins, the Academy of Art University plays host to thousands of students every year as well as many high profile teachers.


The Academy of Art Universty prides itself on helping students explore the limits of what they are capable of. Through hands-on experiences, students are able to experience growth and improvement in their abilities before even entering the world of fashion. This better feel for the industry allows them to be more creative without the industry pressure’s weighing on them. The Academy of Art University has an extensive curriculum for its students to instill industry practices and provide them with an idea of what its like to live in the fast-paced industry of fashion


Kim Dao’s Pokemon Makeup

Kim Dao loves sharing her ideas to the world. With her YouTube channel focusing solely on her makeup tutorials, she is always looking for new ways to improve makeup skills. Kim Dao is definitely one very interesting makeup artist because of her different ways to teach girls how to do makeup. One of her very fun tutorials is her two-part series to the world of using Pokemon Makeup from Korea. This tutorial is fun to watch and definitely worth following because she talks about the beauty of this new makeup product. The colors that she has in her Pikachu makeuup kit is definitely perfect for a variety of skin types. Follow her instructions to get the most out of this makeup.


This product is definitely one of a kind and can give you what you need. She made the first video to showcase her first impression on the product. There are hand creams, nail polishes, and a wide variety of things she found from this simple line of products from Tony Moly. She was ecstatic and even decided to do a small little giveaway during this video.


Kim Dao is definitely a fun person to watch on YouTube. Her tutorials are always top notch and can be very helpful for learning about different things. She’s worth learning from because of how well she comes up with great ideas. She is very hardworking with her videos and she is definitely somebody worth following. You’ll never know what she’s gonna talk about in her videos.


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