Vinod Gupta Is Giving Back By Investing In Women’s Education

Vinod Gupta is the CEO of the company Everest, and he is a self-made millionaire. He believes in giving back to the community. One of the ways he gives back is by investing in women’s education.

He invested in education in Rampur Maniharan, which is his hometown. The businessman donated $1 million towards the development of a women’s school, the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic school. The school was established 18 years ago and since then women have been able to earn postgraduate degrees in as little as two years.

Besides that, Vinod Gupta put aside funds to create a girls’ school in the village he grew up in. Funds have also been used to provide essentials such as textbooks, buses and other resources that can help young girls become successful.

More About Vinod Gupta
Vinod Gupta is the current CEO of the Everest Group, and he got the idea for the company during his time at companies such as Commodore Corporation and InfoGROUP, which acquired a number of companies. He gained significant operational experience while working at those companies, more specifically at InfoGROUP.

Vinod Gupta graduated from the University of Nebraska, and upon graduating he started to work as a Marketing Research Analyst. Eventually he started Everest. One of the things the businessman is known for is for taking out a bank loan of $100, which he used to start his own company. That company ended up being sold for over $600 million.

As for how the businessman brings his ideas to life, he is a firm believe in market testing. He said that some people have great ideas, but there must be a true market for such ideas, otherwise they’re doomed to fail.

Vinod Gupta has a LinkedIn profile and his business profile can be found on Everest’s website. You can visit both if you want to learn more about him.

Bob Reina: Stay The Course

Bob Reina has learned throughout his life the importance of staying the course. Too often, people are giving up far too quickly if things are not working out to their advantage right away. As the old saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” These things take time and since they take time, people have to roll with the punches and roll with the ups and downs that are going to occur along the way. They have to weather the storm. It will all be worth it in the end, without a doubt. They will remember all of those hard times and they will be a thing of the past. That is not to say hard times won’t return in the future. However, this time, they will be better prepared for it. Learn more:


Bob Reina has always been prepared in every aspect of his life from being a police officer, sales, or being the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He founded the company eleven years ago and it is something that is really a part of his being. I highly encourage you to look up some of his interviews, especially the video ones. This is a man that knows how to light up a room, excite people, and get them believing in themselves. People know it is true because they can tell from his voice and the passion that he has along with his conviction.


He is behind this all the way. When Bob Reina does something and his name is attached to it, he wants people to feel at ease. He wants them to know they are working with a trustworthy man and a good man. This is not a man that is just looking to get money from people. It is just the opposite in fact. He is looking to help people get money of their own so they can start up their own business and make a lot of money with it.


He wants as many people out there in the world to be as happy as possible. It is his dream and it is his goal.

Lacey and Larkin: The Feud Will Continue

For the majority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s 24-year term, the Phoenix New Times persistently dogged him. The independent weekly, available free of charge in newsstands across Phoenix, became the biggest thorn in Arpaio’s side. It exposed numerous scandals across the breadth of his tenure.

Arpaio even banned New Time’s reporters from press gatherings. Co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made a point of calling Arpaio out for everything. Sending reporters to dig up whatever they could. Arpaio made it easy with a litany of controversial actions permeating his years of service. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Advocates for free speech, the first amendment, and social injustice the newspapermen hated everything Arpaio stood for. In turn, Arpaio ordered subpoenas to investigate the paper, and even jailed Lacey and Larkin when they printed a story about it.

Their feud was legendary. Now in the wake of Arpaio’s pardon by President Trump the feud is set to return. Arpaio, who plans to run for office, will find himself a target once more.

As both Lacey and Larkin return to journalism with Front Page Confidential, a website dedicated to protecting free speech, it will not be long before Arpaio adorns their headlines.

Michael Lacey was a dropout from ASU when he founded Phoenix New Times. It was 1970 and there was much unrest. In the stir rising from the Kent State Killings, Lacey created a campus paper dedicated to free speech. Larkin, another ASU dropout, joined him in 1972. Under their leadership, the paper gained a following. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Lacey held post as editor and chief, with Larkin moving from advertising to CEO. The duo expanded 1983 with the acquisition of Westword, an independent weekly from Denver.

The purchase led to a multi-million dollar conglomerate of 17 weeklies, owned by the duo under the name Village Voice Media Holdings. Despite their success, the duo never forgot the reason behind the paper, to give voice to free speech. Opposed to the establishment as they were, it is no wonder why the newspapermen found such an enemy in Sheriff Joe.

Larkin and Lacey interviewed in response to Arpaio’s pardon, neither one suspecting that the ex-sheriff would stay behind bars long. The nature of his release, done at the hands of a sitting president, they found damning. Lacey called it gross injustice, citing the event as a prime example of corruption. He listed the plethora of questionable and controversial behavior attributed to Arpaio. Lacey also declared that the decision to pardon Arpaio would come back to haunt Trump.

Larkin was equally unhappy, begrudgingly giving Arpaio credit for using the system. Larkin called Arpaio a horrible jailer and sheriff, but a good politician. He believes that Arpaio served as an antecedent to Trump. Both men believe the act to be political pandering, meant to earn support.

Arpaio may be free but he has not gotten away with anything. Lacey and Larkin will both be dogging the senate hopeful with their new publication. Neither man shows any sign of backing down.

Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey:

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Daniel Taub: Standing for Israeli Rights

Daniel Taub served as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom between 2011 and 2014. In just three years of service, the Israeli immigrant population residing in the United Kingdom gave him the recognition as the best diplomat sent by Israel.

Daniel Taub is responsible for several changes that left a positive effect to those who are living in the United Kingdom. Under the leadership of Daniel Taub, the bilateral ties between the two states improved, and the trade between Israel and the United Kingdom surged past $5 billion.

Daniel Taub also brought with him several Israeli business people and entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in the United Kingdom. He is also a key figure in establishing jobs and businesses for Israelis who are living in the United Kingdom, and they were given some social benefits that can assist them with their daily lives.

Out of all the positive things that Daniel Taub did for the Israeli community living in the United Kingdom, a single act of kindness was the one remembered by the people. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The diplomat was informed about the case of anti-Israel sentiments in a city named Bradford, and according to his informant, certain individuals are preventing Israelis from entering the city, despite the huge number of Israelis living inside.

Daniel Taub wanted to show the world that discrimination has no place in the present society, so he headed to the city of Bradford and confronted those who are against Israel.

He visited the city hall first and met with the city’s mayor. The city mayor assured Daniel Taub that the news surrounding Israeli ban in the city is coming from small extremist groups who are spreading hatred against the Israeli people.

Daniel Taub was delighted hearing that the city government is protecting the people against those who are spreading hate. He then posted outside the city hall for a photograph with the mayor of Bradford.

Then, he visited some of those who are living inside Bradford, and asked them about their condition, and questioning them whether it is difficult to live in the city as an Israeli.

Daniel Taub was given honest answers, and he promised that he will be monitoring their condition and that he will be working with the government of the United Kingdom to ensure their safety.

The Israeli community in Bradford felt the genuine compassion that Daniel Taub displayed, and they came up with the conclusion that he is the best diplomat ever.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

15th Isaiah Berlin Lecture – Daniel Taub

Ronald Fowlkes: Business Development Manager

Ronald Fowlkes is a Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement/Commercial Products for Eagle Industries Unlimited. His main responsibility is to visit customers throughout the United States, giving product education and training to over 150 sales people, whom he manages. He also was employed as a Department of Defense Contractor in Iraq where he worked with JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization). Fowlkes was able to perform mounted and dismounted infantry operations in a combat zone, also instructing U.S. Military officers in tactical operations, CQB (close quarters combat), hostage rescue, post-bomb analysis, evidence collection, and even questioning of detained individuals. He comes from over 13 years of law enforcement with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department as well as 3 years with the St. Louis County Police Department.


As a certified instructor in tactical rifle, shoot house, defense techniques, and SWAT/URBAN warfare training, Fowlkes has had experience in barricaded individuals as well as hostage-taking incidences. He was a Marine Corps serviceman from 1989-1993, promoted twice, and a veteran of the First Gulf War. Fowlkes was trained in Marine Combat during his time in the Marine Corps. His previous positions gave him insight that helps him succeed at his current position. While at the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, he learned about small-unit parachute operations. Fowlkes also has skills in reconnaissance, air and naval gunfire missions.


He has radio skills in both unencrypted radio and encrypted radio, having also been trained in a MULE (Modular Universal Laser Equipment), laser designator. Fowlkes also has a background in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Special Response Team along with the Hostage Response Team (HRT). In his current job, working for Eagle Industries Unlimited, he is under its Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement career title. Eagle Industries employs over 2,300 people in the tactical gear industry. Eagle Industries manufactures over 5,000 products. Fowlkes’ military knowledge serves him well. Eagle Industries sells Eagle Multi Mission Armor Carrier (MMAC), a flexible armor/plate carrier currently on the market. Other products include nylon gear for tactical operations, assault vests, personal gear carriers, holsters, load-bearing equipment, as well as weapons transport gears. Eagle not only makes military products, it also makes law enforcement products. Fowlkes is in command of product selection for his business’s sales and development division, since July of 2008, and he is also a hockey player as his hobby is coaching his son’s hockey team or playing hockey in general.


Jim Larkin’s Historic Legacy Provided Worker Rights and Trade Endorsement

James Larkin (Jim) was a native-born Irishman from Liverpool, England. He established the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) which ultimately became the country’s largest known union at the time.

The Union made Irish history as the most-significant dispute within the transport and general workers industry which lasted for four years. When ITGWU was restructured due to the 20,000 workers creating the dispute, Jim relocated to the United States.

Jim is a legend and historical figure for his leading role in facilitating the disputes of workers. In 1907, because of his distinct organization of local disputes within Liverpool, he was chosen to lead the charge of the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) in Belfast.

The British Union was the catalyst that Jim used to establish the sympathetic strike which is now known as solidarity action or secondary boycott. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

The action involves an industrial industry that supports the union workers with the intent on distinguishing the dispute by workers through direct contact initiated by the employer. The action is widely used in today’s society in supply industries; however, only British and American workers are permitted to use the method against a direct employer.

Because of the moderate success in Belfast, Jim’s reputation was more known, and he became a public figure which caused contrast among businesses and companies. However, unskilled workers supported his efforts which allowed Jim to conduct a full-scale industrial dispute on behalf of workers.

Jim took the opportunity to establish ITGWU which later brought a social revolution and regular formation of trade unions. General strikes began to form all across the country.

His efforts enabled ITGWU to become the first union of an Irish trade industry to organize a strike for both skilled and unskilled workers. After the word spread throughout the community of Belfast of its success, other Irish communities set up the same formation to initiate unions.

Due to Jim’s eventual legacy for creating the worker’s right to dispute and unionize, the Irish Congress of Trades Union agreed to endorse his efforts and formed a Labor Party which established Jim as a labor champion of his time.

Here’s How U.S. Money Reserve Supported Victims of Hurricane Harvey

U.S. Reserve having partnered with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) provide relief services to victims of Hurricane Harvey. ADRN is a non-profit organization that provides relief during a crisis. U.S. Money Reserve offered to provide financial support, accommodation, transport, emotional and spiritual healing to the survivors.

The company initiated a donation drive where all donations went to ADRN and matched with YouCaring contributions to meet the needs of the survivors. U.S. Money Reserve matches YouCaring contributions to ADRN to increase the fund drive with a target of $100,000. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

U.S. Money Reserve got into partnership with ADRN to give back to the Houston community as Hurricane Harvey hit close to its home of U.S. Money Reserve; Texas Gulf Coast Region. As a result, some employees and clients of U.S. Money Reserve got affected.

U.S. Money Reserve founded in 2001 in Austin Texas has its headquarters in the regions and has expanded to Beaumont and Lumberton. Houston community assisted U.S. Money Reserve to establish its business in the area when the company was starting.

The heavy Hurricane Harvey rainfall that lasted for four days caused extensive damage in Texas. The rainfall which was about 40 to 65 inches caused enormous flooding in the region. Rivers overflowed, many people lost their homes and property forcing them to relocate, and some lost their lives. The more the hurricane continued, the more the situation got worse. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The hurricane deprived survivors of necessities such as clean water and drugs. The water available was unsafe for human consumption as the rivers got contaminated with toxic chemicals, sewerage, and waste.

Although the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is deemed to be costly and time-consuming, with a budget estimate of around $180 billion, Texas is ready to move on and rebuild the state. Federal aid and ADRN are assisting with some of the costs. Some of the survivors also provided shelter and food to fellow victims who were adversely affected.

U.S. Reserve serves as the only Gold company run by former U.S. Mint Director, Philip Diehl. The company sells certified and quality U.S. Government coins in gold, silver, and platinum. Business Consumer Alliance rates the company as AAA. With over a decade experience, U.S. Money Reserve has established client loyalty by providing high-quality services. Over 400,000 customers have expressed satisfaction with the company.

U.S. Money Reserve, founded in 2001 in Texas, is a certified seller of U.S. Government coins. Former U.S. Mint Director, Diehl runs the company. U.S. Money Reserve acted fast to support survivors of Hurricane Harvey as a way of giving back to the Houston community. Many clients have expressed satisfaction with their services.

Cameron Clokie Giving New Lives to His Patients Through Extensive Procedures

Peter Russel was one of the patients in Canada that underwent trial bone regenerative surgery that can entirely change the way reconstructive procedures are being done.

The 60-year-old had lost his lower right jaw to a benign tumor in 2003 and had lost all hope. But, when he heard of the clinical trial, he wanted to give it a try and was happy with the results.

He has also regrown about seven centimeters of bone within two years of the surgery. The surgery that went for four hours did not leave any scar marks, and he was released from the hospital within two days.

The technique used was pioneered by Dr. Cameron Clokie that allowed the reversal of skeletal clock so that the bones can be forced to grow just like in babies.

According to Dr. Cameron Clokie, it is like going back to the embryonic stage of the bone generation, and the results have been excellent with the new bones being as similar to the one that Peter had lost.

The procedure was conducted at Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital and marks for a significant milestone in the tissue generation practices being performed today.

It was Dr. Cameron Clokie who gave a new life to Peter Russel who had lost all hope till he received the phone call about the surgery. Dr. Cameron Clokie is a well-known surgeon who is known for his extensive contribution to the research in regenerative medicine.

While one can find many different types of doctors in the field, he is the one who takes his practice seriously, and it is seen with the number of patients that he sees every year.

Dr. Cameron Clokie has a clinic in Toronto where he sees numerous patients each day, but he also likes to travel to different parts of the world to make people aware of the new technology and procedure in the regenerative bone.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie is also on the lookout for people who are the best people for such procedure and give them a chance to live a normal life again.

He also runs a successful company with the name of Induce Biologic Inc that conducts research and trials on musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Swiss Startup Factory managed by Mike Baur

Swiss Startup Factory also referred to as SSUF, was established in the year 2014. When it was started it was an accelerator company in Zurich and its main aim is searching for digital businessmen that are doing well in their businesses. It means Mike Baur is out to help people like him who are into business, know what they want and he looks forward to helping them achieve their business goals. Mike Baur provides digital entrepreneurs with opportunities through the strong network ties of his company. He not only deals with entrepreneurs in Switzerland but also across the globe. Mike Baur has had the passion of finance since he was young and now that he is successful, he wants to share his success with other entrepreneurs.

Swiss Startup Factory as a company has ambitious goals to create companies on a global basis and disrupt other business models that currently prevail in the market. Swiss Startup Factory has a program going for three months where it provides unique platforms for coaching, services, mentoring, office space, financing as well as investor expansion and entrepreneurial network. The company was started as a single company dealing with its own operations, but currently it is a company that extends to other entrepreneurs who wish to excel in entrepreneurship. This clearly shows that Mike Baur does not only believe in own prosperity but is ready to help other business people reach their goals.


The vision of Swiss Startup Factory is to successfully run its accelerator program for startups. It also intends to be the company in the globe that has gold standard record for having the best accelerator programs. These programs have managed to help many young people develop their business idea. Mike Baur who is the Chie Executive Officer of the organization believes in his hard work and knows that he can achieve even greater success in his company. Swiss Startup factory also has the intention to offer start-ups with the required services that need a 3600 start-up service. Mike Baur, who is the founder intends to have his services extended to other entrepreneurs across the globe.


The Copa Star Hospital and Their Lovely Patient Care

Copa Star Hospital offers some of the finest patient care in Brazil, and it is a place where there are many people who are given care they desperately need. The hospital is quite versatile, and it is a place where the patient is given all the care they need. They may not have any way of getting past a disorder or disease, but they are given a new lease on life by the people who work in the hospital. This article shows how the staff in the hospital will help all those in need. View the design at

#1: They Are Growing

The Copa Star Hospital is growing every year, and they are looking for a number of ways to ensure that they may serve all their patients. They hope to meet the needs of special patients who are in need of care, and they will offer routine care to those who are dealing with colds or headaches. There are many wings of the hospital to serve each patient, and the facility will continue to grow to help all those who require care.

#2: They Offer Specialized Care

The specialized care that is given by the staff will reach out to all those who have cancer, heart problems and a host of other illnesses. There are doctors in the facility who will meet with these patients when they are arrive the first time, and they will show patients the simple ways they may be cared for. Each patient may meet a doctor who will help them over the long term, and the doctor will help guide the patient until they are well.

#3: The Hospital Is The Finest In South America

There are many people coming from around South America who require care that may only be given by the Copa Star Hospital. The hospital is a safe place for everyone to come for care, and many will travel a great distance to see the staff. They may not have a diagnosis, and the Copa Star Hospital is the only place to come for help. The level of care that is offered by the staff is so high that they are known throughout the world for the work they do. Doctors often visit the hospital to learn about their trade, and they meet patients who are receiving some of the finest care in the world when they are at the Copa Star.

The Hospital Copa Star is the best place for someone with a major medical condition to go in South America. It offers better care for all patients, and it is a safe space for patients and their families who are searching for answers to a medical condition that may have baffled them for some time.

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