Emily McClure Examines In-Depth Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz has recently released a new hair care product on eBay and Guthy-Renker that promises to do almost all things necessary for women to maintain, style, condition and even keep their hair healthy. Products manufactured by Wen by Chaz Dean have long been held in high regard by hair care professional, but one intrepid blogger wanted to find out for her and her blogger friends. Emily McClure began the challenge on a bad hair day, just returning from a trip she posed for a bad hair photograph which displayed her thin, damaged, unruly hair for all the blogosphere to see. Her article in Bustle showed photos accompanying the full seven days of testing of the Wen hair product and an in-depth opinion of the results.

Whenever a product claims to do almost miraculous things especially to women’s hair, people sit up and take notice, and McClure’s week-long work was appreciated and examined. This new form of individual testing of product claims has become a true test of worthiness. Consumers have become inured to what manufacturers claim in advertisements, http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html. But a person like McClure has the confidence of her readers as they wait for her decision to be handed down after the full and thorough week-long test.

She has personally displayed the daily results for everyone to examine. There was not a single holiday for Ms. McClure. Every day was a work day, and her chronicle proved it.

For the complete results of her seven day test, see: Bustle.com.