Attend Exclusive Movie Screenings As A Magnises Member

Anyone who loves the movies would love to go to a movie premiere that is shown exclusively to a set of people before the movie is publicly released. Magnises members were invited to exclusive screening, such as the newest Jason Bourne movie as well as the Star Trek Beyond movie. These events are highly publicized and are coveted by anyone who is a movie fan, but those who are Magnises members get to enjoy it upfront and in person. There are also some other benefits to talk about because Magnises members get to do it all. Once a person becomes a Magnises member, going to concerts may not be the same anymore either because they may get discounts on Twitter, personal shows, greets and more because they are a member.

Magnises has been around for years and was known for hosting the best parties in New York City, but the name has gone beyond just being a great party. Even though Magnises is still proud to host parties for their members, those parties have become a way for members to enjoy themselves as well as allowing members to fraternize amongst themselves to share business information and more.

Take a Samsung event, for instance. Who doesn’t love Samsung phones and products? Since Samsung is such a popular brand, it’s hard to believe that members were invited to go to an event that showed off their newest products on and also gave some products away too. Since a lot of members of Magnises are likely using Samsung phones, this event was very beneficial for them to not only give them purchasing ideas but gift ideas as well. Other great events that a Magnises member can experience is an event that allows them to taste different types of alcohol.

If you like whiskey or other types of drinks, then this event would have been right up your alley and would allow you to be in your element and to enjoy yourself while talking to other members of Magnises. Even getting to go to a restaurant that has some of the best food and is frequented by celebs and hot stars may be something that you’d like to do as a Magnises member, so use your membership to your benefit. Your best way to get a head start on knowing about any events is by getting the Magnises Concierge at

The Magnises Concierge application will always tell you what’s going on, and you’ll be able to make any type of reservations through the application. Tell the concierge what you’re looking for, and your answer will be given in a personalized form because the concierge will answer you by name. If you’re into different events that mostly have Magnises members, then try out Good Life Saturdays as well as their Magnises Thursdays that are biweekly.