Securus Technologies Building Highly Efficient and Effective Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most well-known correctional firms in the industry today and is known for providing high-end correctional products and services. The company started with offering affordable and effective inmate communication services, which helps the inmates to stay in contact with their friends and relatives. The company has its own operating system that makes inmate communication seamless and efficient. Apart from the inmate communication services, Securus Technologies also provides investigative services and solutions as well as payment processing services. The company recently acquired Jpay Inc and also GovPayNet, which has helped Securus Technologies consolidate its position in the field of payment processing.


Securus Technologies understands that the correctional field is highly competitive and that it is essential for the companies to continue to build new and unique technologies to stay ahead in the sector. Securus Technologies has recently developed the highly advanced wireless containment system that would not let the contraband phones operate inside the prison. Any and all contraband phones would be rendered useless with the help of wireless containment system. The contraband phones would not be able to connect to the network, and thus, the inmates would not be able to make or receive calls. Only the calls that are authorized by the correctional facility can go through the network in prison, so that no illegal activity can be carried out using the contraband phones.


Securus Technologies is also known for its excellent customer care services and is given highest ratings by the Better Business Bureau. The company also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service in the industry, which goes on to show how dedicated the company is towards its customers. Many customers have provided rave reviews to the company online. Securus Technologies feel that it is essential for the company to provide high-quality customer service to its customers because, without excellent and attentive customer service, it is not possible to win the trust of the customers. Securus Technologies invests millions every year for patent acquisition as well as for developing innovative technologies. Recently, the company announced the development of the drone detection technology. It is one of the only such technologies that would help the detection of unauthorized drone movements over the prison facilities.


Drone detection technology would stop the use of drones to transport contraband items into the prisons. Over the years, the drones have been used to supply many different contraband items inside the prison. In many cases, even weapons have been dropped using drones, and it is highly dangerous for other inmates as well as officers. The company has said that also though the drone detection technology is in its initial phases, it is highly efficient and would be further upgraded in the future.



Securus Technologies’ Participation in Controlling Contraband Products In Prisons

Robert Johnson, a former correctional facility worker, has always told his inspiring story about his efforts to ensure that inmates do not access cell phone. He believes that it is hazardous for the prisoners to be allowed to be in possession of cell phones. Johnson was once an employee of the South Carolina-based Lee Correctional Institution. By 2010, he had served the facility for about 15 years, and his primary responsibility was to confiscate contraband items. He did his work perfectly, and this led to his shooting while he was at home. Approximately two weeks before the occurrence of the incident, Robert had confiscated a smuggled package that was worth about $50,000.


On March 5, 2010, the correctional facility employee woke up and 5:30 a.m to prepare for work. During that time, an intruder entered his home and shot him six times in the chest and stomach. The shooting was severe to the extent that the doctors believed that he would not make it. He even died twice during an operation. The hit was made by an ex-convict, Sean Echols, who had been contacted by inmates by using a contraband phone. Echols had been paid $6000. Many other crimes have been ordered by prisoners who are in jail by using smuggled phones. For example, a nine-month-old baby was shot in Georgia while in the arms of his mother. It is believed that the child was murdered because his uncle did something that the inmates did not like.


Johnson currently serves Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. The company has specialized in the provision of paid calls for the inmates. It has also been working to ensure that prisoners do not have contraband phones. Correctional facilities would wish to jam cell phone signals to prevent inmates from making unauthorized phone calls, but this is against the federal laws. Securus Technologies has developed a product that is known as the Wireless Containment Solution to address this problem. This is an exclusive technology that detects cell phones and blocks the inmates from making calls from their contraband phones.


The Wireless Containment Solution uses a powerful antenna that sends a signal to the contraband cell phones to capture phone calls that enter or come from a correctional facility. An individual using the phone may think that he or she is connected to the common network and this enabled the product to work without being noticed. The solution is very selective, and it only allows authorized phone numbers to connect. All numbers that are not recognized are not allowed to go through. The system, however, allows 911 calls to be completed. According to Securus Technologies’ administration, the Wireless Containment Solution has barred more than 1.7 million calls from the time it was launched.


How Securus Technologies is Becoming a Well-Reputed Communicative Platform

Securus Technologies has been providing its users with an incredible platform of communications that aren’t necessarily available for utilization elsewhere. Due to this beautifully designed program being utilized in many of today’s correctional facilities, many crimes are being stopped and investigated, as law enforcement officials are given access to the conversations that occur between inmates and the visitors they choose to communicate with.


The developers of Securus Technologies understood that visitors of inmates often face dilemmas when setting up appointments for visitation schedules. Visitation may not be as convenient as they may have initially thought, as the times/dates that are provided to them for visiting a facility may be very inconvenient for them. Not only that, the drive that is required of them may be very lengthy and time consuming. Not only might time be wasted on what could have essentially been a quick phone call to the inmate, but so might gas expenses. Although a phone call is always a quick and easy option of keeping in touch with anyone, when it comes to jail visitation sessions, no form of communication is necessarily comparable to the type of connection/bond a face to face conversation provides. Securus Technologies offers inmates and their visitors to engage in such face to face forms of communications without requiring the visitor to physically visit the facility.


Securus Technologies is putting a stop to crime in many ways. Firstly, it’s a program that’s giving law enforcement officials the right to monitor conversations and hand over to courts should it be necessary. Secondly, it’s preventing inmates from not only speaking about illegal matters over the communicative platform, but it’s also preventing them from engaging in such activities altogether, as they’re aware that other inmates may speak about the incidents of others, thus, there always being a chance of an investigation opening on them.


Securus Technologies Wins the Stevie Awards for Exemplary Customer Service

February 24, 2017 was the highly anticipated day for the Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Services that went down in Dallas. Just like preceding years, the number of participants eyeing the coveted prize increased tremendously, and for a good reason.


This time round, the event recorded 2,300 nominations from organizations of varying sizes. This figure was nothing short of a 10% increase in the number of nominations that were received the previous year. That being the case, it was only fair that the number of professionals judging the entries be increased to 77 independent experts.


After the flurry of praises that the judges spewed at Securus concerning the positive treatment they uphold towards their customers, it was no surprise why they carried the day for that category.


The Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies was not short of praises to his team as well, stating that the award represents the training team’s empathy for circumstances faced by customers and their drive to resolve problems in the first interaction with a client.


Danny de Hoyos went on to say that, the positive attitude that the team maintains has helped them to remain focused on needs of the customers and to ensure that they are part of the healing process that a customer goes through. In turn, this great treatment towards customers has resulted into great reviews from satisfied customers.


The judges were not left out of offering their comments, and they were too praised Securus for their commitment in identifying and resolving customer problems in the tough environment that they operate.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies specializes in offering a safe living environment for families around the world. By relying on secure, simple and powerful technology to leverage its attempts to offer accessible and easy to use safety solutions, Securus has managed to bolsters its impact in offering emergency response services to public safety as well as law enforcement and correctional agencies.


Public Safety Is What Securus Technologies Cares About

Working towards the safety of all people is what Securus Technologies is all about. They are in the process of preventing and solving crimes that occur in correction facilities, including those that arise between inmates. They utilize their services in both the civil and criminal sectors in order to keep people safe at all times.


The public needs to know more about Securus Technologies and what they do, so the company decided to publish an article that informs them of just that. They put in comments from officials at correction facilities detailing how their work benefits all people. The company is inviting people and investors to visit their headquarters to see just what they do.


Securus Technologies is always looking for more ways that the can help to protect the public. They use their knowledge an expertise to make sure that they are doing everything that they can to help prevent and solve crimes. Because they do such an excellent job, they are known all over the country and the world. There are all kinds of companies that seek them out, including the government. Securus Technologies deals with over a million prisoners by utilizing incident management, videos and investigations to keep people safe. They are creating more and more ways to enhance their techniques, and they invent something new every week. They want the world to be a great place for people to live, and they are doing everything in their power to make sure that it is. Into the future they go, using technology to better all of the people in the world.

International Inmate Just Became A Stronger Network With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of regulating inmate calls according to a government mandated that is carried out by the Public Utility Commission. They make sure that inmate calls getting proper monitoring, surveillance, and public safety accountability. They have built a strong team of professionals that allow you to have an active voice in the services that work for inmates and their families. They have been proudly serving the local community for over 40 years and for a limited time they are offering free calls to Louisiana to give back to the community for all the years of customer support.


PRN Newswire reflected on the international certification 1 that was acquired by eleven of Securus Technologies affiliated proprietors. This certification allows over 36,000 IT professionals to receive training in communication, monitoring, and safety.  Securus is responsible for providing a network that allows billions of calls. They have also been established as one of the largest growing network providers of inmate calls and services.


Securus promises to help you save money by partnering with companies like Vimeo and bringing you interactive features that include video chat. Securus also has new features that are made possible by JPay Services a popular local inmate calling network. Their extended service features will include inmate voicemail, pay over the phone technology, and video visitation. Don’t worry over the hassle of trying to find an authorized agent because you never have to leave home by paying over the phone. In fact, they eliminate those pesky automated operators to allow a faster process time on inmate calls. Become a member today and visit the Securus Technologies website. Watch this video on Youtube.