Michael Zomber’s Interesting Career Path

Michael Zomber has lived an exciting life doing many of the things he loves. This has made him the envy of many of his contemporaries. Perhaps Zomber is best known for his many appearances on the A&E and History Channel cable networks.

He has been associated with both of them for many years. He is employed by them in the role of a historical advisor. They will contact him to provide information that can be included in specials that they create. Zomber has thrived in this role. He has become somewhat famous and popular with viewers around the world.

Michael Zomber attended the University of Illinois where he was an outstanding student. Believe it or not, he received two bachelor degrees. He majored in both psychology and English. He was not done with his education at that point.

He then decided to continue his studies at UCLA where he eventually was awarded a master’s degree in English literature. It was not long after that when Zomber’s life would change forever. Read more: False Conviction and Imprisonment Didn’t Deter One Man’s Passion for History and Literature: Antique Arms and Armor Expert Writes New Book About Samurai Culture

He attended a convention where many old guns were displayed. He fell in love with the guns and wanted to start collecting them right away. However, they were too expensive for him at that point in his life. He would begin collecting antique guns a few years later after he started making more money. Learn more about Michael Zomber: https://www.facebook.com/Michael-R-Zomber-223753147800969/

Many of the rare pieces from Michael’s collection of guns have been shown at various museums and gun conventions around the world. Museums are always contacting him in the hopes that he will be interested in displaying his guns on a temporary basis.

He usually always says yes when a museum makes a request. He even travels to the museum when he has time and gives speeches about the particular guns that are on display. He will take questions from the crowd and tell the story of how the guns were made and who some of the previous owners were.

Michael realizes that he has lived a charmed life. He never takes it for granted. He tries to give back to the community as his way of saying thanks.