Kim Dao Visits Old Friends In Perth

On one of Kim Dao’s recent trips to Australia, she decided to catch up with a few friends. Luckily for us, Kim vlogged this entire trip and posted it on her secondary channel. This vlog is called, “Catching up with friends | Dog Day | KimDao in AUSTRALIA.


At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao is in her car with her dog Yuki and her friend Kao. After she introduces us to her friend, Kim drives off into the city to get some lunch.


Once Kim and Kao get into downtown Perth, Kim Dao goes to a local Prada store. Unfortunately, the Prada bag Kim Dao bought in Singapore broke. Since her bag is still on a warranty, the Prada employee said he can fix her bag free of charge.


Next, Kim and Kao are sitting at a restaurant getting a quick snack. First, Kim Dao orders a chai latte and a French toast and eggs benedict. While they’re eating, a massive rainstorm passes through the city.


In the next section of the vlog, Kim Dao goes to Kao’s house so Yuki can visit with Kao’s dog, who is named Vienna. The two dogs have a fun time chasing each other through the house. Learn more:


Kim and Kao take their dogs outside to run around in a local park. Yuki and Vienna seems to be having a great time. Learn more:


Later, Kim Dao goes to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a few of her friends from high school. All the friends share a platter of spicy foods including meatballs, corn and prawns, and steak.