Kim Dao’s Pokemon Makeup

Kim Dao loves sharing her ideas to the world. With her YouTube channel focusing solely on her makeup tutorials, she is always looking for new ways to improve makeup skills. Kim Dao is definitely one very interesting makeup artist because of her different ways to teach girls how to do makeup. One of her very fun tutorials is her two-part series to the world of using Pokemon Makeup from Korea. This tutorial is fun to watch and definitely worth following because she talks about the beauty of this new makeup product. The colors that she has in her Pikachu makeuup kit is definitely perfect for a variety of skin types. Follow her instructions to get the most out of this makeup.


This product is definitely one of a kind and can give you what you need. She made the first video to showcase her first impression on the product. There are hand creams, nail polishes, and a wide variety of things she found from this simple line of products from Tony Moly. She was ecstatic and even decided to do a small little giveaway during this video.


Kim Dao is definitely a fun person to watch on YouTube. Her tutorials are always top notch and can be very helpful for learning about different things. She’s worth learning from because of how well she comes up with great ideas. She is very hardworking with her videos and she is definitely somebody worth following. You’ll never know what she’s gonna talk about in her videos.


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George Soros – Philanthropy and Politics

George Soros is a famous name and cuts a familiar figure as an investor, philanthropist and business magnate. Soros, who some people consider to be among the most successful investors in the whole world, is a Hungarian –American born on August 12, 1930, in New York. Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management which is a family office that he founded after the much-publicized decision to close his hedge fund and return his capital to investors. During his impressive career, he was also known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because he shorted $10 billion of British pounds, a move that made him $1 billion in profits in the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. Soros managed to amass an estimated at $24.9 billion via risky trades in currency.


George Soros is a great supporter of the American liberal and American progressive political causes. In 2004, the billionaire spent $ 27 million for the defeat of President George Bush. Due to the turn of events, he scaled down his giving but has since re-emerged no is a boogeyman for the conservatives. The Hillary Clinton political cause has been a significant beneficiary of his generosity as well because Soros has donated more than $25 million to boost her campaign as well as that of other candidates and causes of the Democratic Party. Soros has also been at the forefront of fighting for issues such as immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform. Other donations have included $7 million to a super PAC that supported Clinton known as Priorities USAAction, $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century which is an opposition PAC that targeted Donald Trump and other candidates from the Republican Party. There was also a $700000 donation to various Democratic Party committees, campaigns, and PACs. There is also a $ million commitment to immigrant voters, and that is dedicated to increasing the turnout among the low-propensity Hispanic voters who reside in the main swing states. The FEC records show that he had donated just $3 million. Soros also played a crucial role in the 2005 formation of a secret club of the main liberal donors known as the Democracy Alliance that sought to steer money away from al the groups fighting electoral battles on a short-term basis. Read more at Politico about George Soros.


After dialing back on his giving in 2004, his philanthropic attention turned to the international foundations that have received about $ 13 billion over the last thirty years. Such nonprofits fight for human rights and work to influence the democratic processes in Eastern Europe positively. His organizations of choice also work to expand the access to education and health care within the US and in many other nations all over the world.

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Meriwether Group – An Overview

The Meriwether group funds start ups. Projects across the spectrum require money, and who better than a funding group that can work with different clients and different industries. The Meriwether group does it all, from evaluating business to strategic advising.

Our staff is comprised of people, including Sawyer Howitt who is in pursuit of a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University. He has interests including cheering on the Portland Trail Blazers, photography, and staying up to date with the latest music. The Meriwether group works with clients in a way that preserves integrity and the culture of the company.

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Meriwether Group is a registered investment adviser, so you can be sure that they are vetted and can give advice that is quality. They can help in areas such as product development and sourcing. They can also provide short term bridge term financing, that help provide capital quickly. In short, the Meriwether group has solutions regarding various types of financing and has different solutions in the areas of strategic advice and financing.

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Securus Technologies Wins the Stevie Awards for Exemplary Customer Service

February 24, 2017 was the highly anticipated day for the Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Services that went down in Dallas. Just like preceding years, the number of participants eyeing the coveted prize increased tremendously, and for a good reason.


This time round, the event recorded 2,300 nominations from organizations of varying sizes. This figure was nothing short of a 10% increase in the number of nominations that were received the previous year. That being the case, it was only fair that the number of professionals judging the entries be increased to 77 independent experts.


After the flurry of praises that the judges spewed at Securus concerning the positive treatment they uphold towards their customers, it was no surprise why they carried the day for that category.


The Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies was not short of praises to his team as well, stating that the award represents the training team’s empathy for circumstances faced by customers and their drive to resolve problems in the first interaction with a client.


Danny de Hoyos went on to say that, the positive attitude that the team maintains has helped them to remain focused on needs of the customers and to ensure that they are part of the healing process that a customer goes through. In turn, this great treatment towards customers has resulted into great reviews from satisfied customers.


The judges were not left out of offering their comments, and they were too praised Securus for their commitment in identifying and resolving customer problems in the tough environment that they operate.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies specializes in offering a safe living environment for families around the world. By relying on secure, simple and powerful technology to leverage its attempts to offer accessible and easy to use safety solutions, Securus has managed to bolsters its impact in offering emergency response services to public safety as well as law enforcement and correctional agencies.


Tammy Mazzocco Has Real Estate In Mind For You

Tammy Mazzocco has been in real estate sales since 1999 in Central Ohio when she joined her friend and mentor Judy Gang of the Judy Gang Real Estate Group of RE/MAX. Tammy had worked as a secretary for the prior ten years for various real estate offices and had a great deal of back office knowledge when she started selling.

Today she works out of Pickerington, Ohio and covers four different counties in her selling efforts. She is passionate about her work, and she gets a great deal of satisfaction in helping families find their dream home and the fact that she has a hand in helping them in the process is a great feeling. Visit:

When asked how she organizes herself Tammy replies that she is very conscious about setting goals and then breaking them down into smaller action steps. This is the way to accomplish goals because they are much easier to manage in smaller bites. The only thing that a sales person can control is activity, and Tammy has become a master in that area.

She gets to the office early each day and gets the busy work out of the way. Things like paperwork and email are disposed of early and then she gets to the phone she works hard at setting up her day with appointments for showing houses. That is the one activity that gets the results, and she focuses hard in that area.

The other item that Tammy uses is a planner called Follow Up Boss which helps her to stay in touch with clients, prospects, and activities where there are all stages where they are involved in the home buying process.

She is very conscious of how she treats her clients too because if you rub them the wrong way they will disappear. She says that it is important to treat them the same way that she would like to be treated, especially when it comes to their time and their finances. People will remember how they feel about you and if it is good they will want to do business with you, more details can be found on

Tammy’s favorite quote is from Dr. Seuss who said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. It is this kind of attitude that keeps Tammy moving because sales are all about action, and action is what Tammy is all about.

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Lip Balm by EOS Spices of Bland Lip Balm Industry

EOS may have been a company ( that started small by founder Craig Dubitsky, but one can rest assured that this company will grow into a juggernaut in the bomb industry. There is a level of dominance that many larger companies have not had when it comes to lip balm. That is why there is such a huge battle when it comes to all of the more established lip balm companies such as ChapStick and Burt’s Bees. These are companies that have been in the lip balm game for a long time, but it is quite obvious that EOS is the company that is taking the lead.

So many people have been able to recognize this lip balm that comes in a spear shaped pod because it is showing up in so many different places. When people turn on their computers and check their social media profiles they can see celebrities utilizing EOS lip balm. It has become a product favorite for young millennials like Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus.

Thousands of people are taking an interest in photographs of lip balm that is displayed on Instagram and generating a lot of buzz between friends. This is the type of wild fire word of mouth type of promotion that gets a brand to the top. Consumers have been thrilled about this type of lip balm because it spices things up in an industry that is otherwise bland.

The bountiful flavors that are available on Walgreens have attracted a slew of consumers ranging from young kids in school to older adults that are doing event planning for parties. It has clearly become evident that this brand is more than a fad. It is the consumer lip balm that is here to stay. People love it and they are telling their friends about this product. For more info, visit the website.


Professional Advice On Combating Traffic Issues In Williamson County

The recently concluded Williamson County Growth Summit provided an excellent opportunity for discussions around transport problems affecting the Austin region. It was a unique event that was different from most transit exchanges that focus on addressing traffic problems around the city.

This event rather emphasized on the region’s transportation problems being addressed the needs of the area’s local populations. The event was held as a panel with a moderator.

The event was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference and drew attendance from notable contributors in the region’s transport sector. Among the attendants was Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kopser, Leandre Johns and Jared Ficklin. Their discussion was predominantly centered on the effect technology has had in changing the transportation sector in the Austin region and generally around the world.

Heiligenstein noted that technology including ridesharing applications have the capacity to transform the transport infrastructure. However, he also emphasized on the need to invest in the growth of Austin’s transportation capacity. He was aware of the work that has been done in Williamson for the last fifteen years, but with more the people moving in, Heiligenstein stated more still needs to be done.

Ficklin also offered advice to policy formulators on their preparation for transformational needs of the future. He was unequivocal in his thoughts of how future parking garages will be like. According to Ficklin, these garages will be slightly taller than cars by the smallest margin.

This kind of buildings don’t fit in the current laws, and Ficklin advised policymakers to maintain the flexibility of building and other related codes.

The idea of driverless cars was a predominant factor in the discussion and was raised on many occasions. Ficklin was however not optimistic about the issue, and Heiligenstein also repeated his assertion on the importance of growing the transport sector by building more roads and expanding of the current routes.

On his part, Leandre Johns who is Uber Technologies Inc. Texas External Director insisted that ridesharing companies also play a role in transforming the transportation industry. By offering commuters first- and – last mile solutions, John stated that options that lead passengers to get to the bus stop quickly should be pursued.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Mike has been with the authority since it was opened in 2002. In his tenure, Heiligenstein has overseen the independent government agency’s completion of various transportation projects. The projects insist on designing a modern transport network around the Central Texas region.

Mike Heiligenstein had served the citizens of Williamson for twenty-three years as a public officer before his appointment to lead the Mobility Authority. He currently sits on some boards that focus on transportation issues.

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Madison Street Capital the Best in the Market

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm offering banking services like monetary advice and opinion, business mergers and partnerships, asset valuation, expert advice in purchases and ownership transfers as well as tax planning for the corporation. They have remained relevant in the dynamic field and the most appealing to the customers due to their determination and focus on offering the best of all and most reliable services with due integrity and concern. Such high-end provisions guarantee clients success in the market. At Madison Street Capital, they understand that market is what brings real success, and professionalism in service delivery is not an option. The primary challenge faced is creating awareness to the unfamiliar clients who have not realized ground shifting beneath their feet.

The company is located in Chicago and has been in existence for the last twelve years. According to the company managing director, Karl D’Cunha, the primary goal of the Madison Street Capital is to help the customers reach their goal so that the company will remain as honest as possible with their clients when offering their pieces of advice. The management believes business is important than anyone’s ego even the owner himself. This stand of honesty is what builds Madison Street Capital reputation.

On 10th January of this year, Madison Street Capital presided over an event in which it was the sole financial advisor in organizing Corbel Capital Partners to recapitalize a minority, Ares Security Corporation based in Vienna. This client, Ares Security Corporation ¸deals with risk management using software based solutions and protects most complex systems managed by governments like nuclear energy. The financer, Corbel Capital Partners, manages about 95 million US Dollars and lends it out to privately owned middle –market businesses. It has been operational as from 2013.

During the event, Reginald McGaugh, the Madison Street Capital top managing director honoured working closely with Ben Eazzetta, the president of Ares Security Corporation and a shareholder. He added that his company client was under good management and highly appreciated the sophisticated technology used by the corporation to protect the assets.

On the other hand, Ben Eazzetta was particularly impressed by the diligent work Madison Street Capital did to find a financing partner for Ares Security Corporation in 2016. He was pleased with the new capital structure of his company. Ares Security Corporation is optimistic that her new funding by Corbel Capital Partners will enable her to generate equity funds and spur sales.

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Bruno Fagali Explains How Get A Good Lawyer For Advice

If you are dealing with a legal case, you certainly want to have a reliable legal advisor. Bruno Fagali has the expertise to handle a wide variety of legal matters affecting businesses and individuals.

The best time to hire a lawyer is before you encounter legal issues. Having a lawyer on your side can save you a tremendous amount of money and hassles. It can keep any legal matters to a minimum. Reliable lawyers and law firms can help by providing you with legal advice and guidance, drafting important documents and, if necessary, providing you with legal representation in court and other complex situations.

Start locating potential lawyers by contact the Bar Association or a lawyer directory to find out about qualified lawyers in your area. Also, check with friends, relative and acquaintances to find out if they can recommend a renowned lawyer. Sometimes you can locate a reliable lawyer through other professionals like your family physician or accountant.

Bruno Fagali is a knowledgeable and experienced Brazilian attorney. Bruno Fagali specializes in Administrative Law, Ethics, Compliance, Urban Law, Administrative Law, and Regulatory Law. Bruno Fagali caters to the needs of establishments, businesses, corporations and multinational organizations.

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Bruno Fagali takes the time to find out about his client’s business and legal status as well as compliance issues, then devised the most appropriate strategy to approach the issues at hand. Bruno Fagali is well versed in resolving matters utilizing negotiation, as well as filing lawsuits, if necessary.


How To Start Stock Trading Or Investing In Your Own Business

Have you read about Jim Hunt VTA Publications? Want to find out how Jim can help you become successful in stock trading? A stock trading expert, Jim provides quality information to ambitious people who are interested in achieving financial freedom.

Many people have heard how easy it is to start in stock trading and how they can build a profitable business, and achieve financial freedom at Thousands of people all over the world have earned a fortune by running their own lucrative business, or taking advantage of loopholes in the stock market.

However, there are also many who are hesitant in starting stock trading or becoming a business owner on because they heard of the risks associated with striking out on your own. If you are interested in investing or starting a business, do not worry, because one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field, Jim Hunt, has created courses to help you reach your dream of financial success.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a financial advisor, business coach, stock trader, and professional consultant. Jim is committed to creating and publishing top quality information products and offering reliable advice to both newbies and experienced investors.

One of Jim’s courses, Wealth Wave, available from Jim Hunt VTA Publications, is a great guide on how to become a successful stock trader. Jim has endeavored to make it very easy to get started in the stock trading arena and has outlined the steps in a step-by-step format, enabling any ambitious individual to learn what they need to do to enjoy financial independence.

Stock trading is not as complicated as most people think. If you have reliable information on what to do you can start generating profits in no time. If you want to be advised and guided by a well experienced professional so you can start amassing your fortune right away, then take the time to check out the books and courses created by Jim Hunt. These information materials are available from VTA Publications – a top rated publisher of business education and wealth building courses and training materials according to