Eric Pulier Is A Good Advocate For Education

Eric Pulier has been a good advocate for education for a long time. He has shown that he knows how to take technology and apply it to schools, and I have seen it myself. I was a parent of a child with special needs who also had a chronic illness.

He had two different things going on that were helping kids. We got to know him because of Starbright World and People Doing Things. Starbright World was a place where our daughter could talk to other kids who had the same condition as her because no one in her school had it. It helped her keep in touch with people that she still knows today. We were proud to see it work, and we were glad she made some lifelong friends.

She also needed technology that she could use at school, and that is what People Doing Things did for her. It created all kinds of different technology that she could use, and it was there to help her in school so that she could get through all her classes. It made a big difference for her because it helped her graduate, and we could see that it was working because school got less frustrating. That’s a pretty powerful thing if you’re a kid who struggles with school.

I am so glad that we got to know Pulier and see all his work in action. We just wanted to know that our daughter could get some help in school, and we loved that it actually worked.

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  1. She has a normal life now, and we think is due in large part to what happened when she was in school using Eric Pulier’s technology. That illness has since miraculously cleared up in her 30s, but it was not so good when Eric Pulier first came along. It can also result into having some things that most would have a dare for in the long run.

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