Raj Fernando Is An Inspiration to Many Upcoming Stock Traders

Mr Raj Fernando is a popular businessman who resides in Chicago, Illinois. He is the founder and CEO of Choppers Trading. The company operates in the busy and competitive Chicago’s exchange market as an independent trader with no long-term ownership of clients or securities. Mr Fernando’s objective leadership has enabled the company to earn its place among the top trading companies in Chicago’s securities exchange market.

Raj Fernando started Choppers Trading in 2002 after working as a full-time trader at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and a member of Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). As a top leader in the company, he was tasked with highly sophisticated operations that involved a lot of tactical and objective approaches. He designed, implemented and managed risks, communications and daily trading. He was also responsible for monitoring the source code securities systems of his firm in the financial market.

Fernando’s determination and experience has enabled him to grow the company into one of the most dominant market traders on the biggest global exchange platforms such as CME, Eurex and ICE. The company has more than 250 affiliate traders comprised of brightest financial engineers and traders worldwide. According to Mr Fernando, the company only associates itself with people who have exceptional records in the financial market.

Fernando is a regular participant in industry and policy conferences organized to increase quality in the stock market. In 2013, he managed to secure a spot in the list of speakers who were to grace the Leader Conference, which is an international audience of shareholders. For many years, he has provided exceptional insight and counsel to his employees and other young entrepreneurs.

Besides Choppers Trading, Fernando is a board member of Chicago Symphony Orchestra and PAWS Chicago. These organizations help to keep peaceful co-existence among Chicago residents. PAWS mainly campaigns against animal mistreatment.

Before he found his place in the securities exchange market, Raj Fernando had to prepare academically and mentally for what lay ahead. He went to Beloit College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and history.

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