Dr. Rick Shinto, The Expert Leader At InnovaCare

Dr. Rick Shinto is one of the main people behind the success of InnovaCare. He currently leads the company as the Chief Executive Officer. His incredible leadership and organizational skills are what has given him the ability to lead the company successfully. Since Dr. Rick Shinto became the CEO of the enterprise, InnovaCare has transformed into being one of the top healthcare providers in North America.

Dr. Rick Shinto attributes his ability to lead InnovaCare actually to the experience working in the health sector over the years. Dr. Rick Shinto is a practicing pulmonologist and has been practicing in California since the start of his career. He graduated from the University of California and earned a B.S degree before he went on to attain a degree in medicine from the University of New York. Soon after, he started working in the field, but then also decided to pursue an M.B.A with the ambition of someday leading a healthcare institution, not just from a doctor’s standpoint, but from a leader’s standpoint. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

When Dr. Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare and took over as the chief executive officer, the company quickly experienced the boost in efficiency it deserved. Because of his expertise in the medical field, as well as his stellar leadership skills, Dr. Rick Shinto was quickly able to gauge where InnovaCare needed to develop to take it to the next level and be an even bigger success than what it was at that point. Since his appointment in 2012, Dr. Rick Shinto has clearly made a mark on InnovaCare and being the leader that the company truly needed to grow and develop.

Dr. Rick Shinto has over twenty years worth of work experience in the medical profession. He also has a good amount of experience leading a company, as he was the CEO of Aveta before he started at InnovaCare. But that wasn’t the only time that Dr. Rick Shinto was at the top level management of a medical or healthcare organization. He was also the Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management. All these endeavors gave him the knowledge and expertise that he needed to lead InnovaCare towards its bright future someday.

He has also been the person behind some of the medical plans that InnovaCare has in place for the individuals who are coming to it to seek health coverage. People who want to sign up for InnovaCare can do so on their website and choose a plan which is fit for them, in accordance with their needs. Read this article at openminds.com

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