Norman Pattiz’s Podcast One Revolutionizes Advertising

PodcastOne Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz has released the study of five major brands and their advertising tests in five different, yet major categories and sectors of service. The pre-and-post campaign was done and run based on sales made in 2016. The results showed significant impacts in a positive manner on sales using podcasts as a source of advertisement.

About 60% of listeners were found to have mentioned a specific brand’s campaign after listening to a podcast, up from 7% in a previous study. Unaided product awareness increased pre-and-post study by 47%.

Awareness of specific campaigns for automobiles increased in the aftermarket podcast presence by 60% and casual dining restaurants awareness went up by 76%. The point of the study verified that podcasts are an effective way to increase sales and consumer awareness of products, proving it makes a viable marketing tool for large brands to use.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz is the founder of the PodcastOne Company who is based in Los Angeles, California. PodcastOne Company provides advertising solutions for companies for a way to reach more listeners with their products.

They advertise for everything from car companies to major US consumer brand names and back again. They help the companies reach listeners who are likely to buy their products, and likely to turn into a higher profit level for the company.

They are dubbed the “podcast pros”. Podcasts have proven a new, effective way of getting people to remember brand names and then thus consequently purchase those products in the future when they are considering new purchases.

Norman Pattiz also prides himself in being involved in part of every aspect of the company. It’s a small company so there is really not any part of the business that he is not actively involved in.

It’s all about ad sales which involve a lot of technology, and he has an assistant that keeps him informed of key developments while he is immersed in working on one thing or another within the company. He also has a key plan to help implement every single idea that comes to life so it can become part of the company.

If you can’t help to integrate it into the company plan the greatest ideas will never work. That’s how he helps his customers succeed through advertising with PodcastOne Company, by implementing great ideas to reach new audiences he helps their brands be more successful.

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