Goettl Air Conditioning Says What Must Be Done To Keep Your Home Cool

A cool home during the hot times of year doesn’t have to be expensive if you’ve taken the necessary steps to maintain your air conditioner and follow advice for saving on energy. Goettl Air Conditioning offers such advice, and they’re trusted because they’ve repaired and installed residential and commercial air conditioners for nearly 80 years. Goettl (goettlshdm.com) recommends buying and installing new air conditioning systems if you have a very old system, because older models are far less effective and will usually tax your power bill high. But you can do more around your home to assist your air conditioner as well.

In order to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t have to cool your home down more than necessary, you should have heat insulation installed throughout your home and even special film covers on your windows to absorb and prevent less heat from coming through, reveals glassdoor.com. Goettl also says you should have your ducts cleaned out once in a while, and you should also have your outdoor condenser placed where it won’t be exposed to too much sun, but also where debris won’t gather. And if you don’t subscribe to a maintenance plan for your unit, you should consider doing so.

Goettl’s story began back in the 1930s when Adam and Gust Goettl came to Phoenix, AZ from the Midwest, and the company became established as one of the premier residential HVAC service providers of the area. It was not long ago that Ken Goodrich came to be the owner that the company got real serious about going above and beyond the regular HVAC service and educating customers on how they could do more to maintain their systems. One of Goettl’s subsidiaries known as Goettl High Desert Mechanical is still run by Adam Goettl’s grandchildren. Goettl has made news several times for its generosity providing free repairs to people who didn’t have the money to do so. Visit the Goettl Facebook page.



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